Top 10 Signs You Are Eating Healthy


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When we are talking about a healthy diet we aren’t talking about dieting, although if you are eating right, you most likely did lose some weight. A terrific eating plan will include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, vegetable protein and some occasional lean meat.

A sound nutritional plan doesn’t leave out any one food group but has just enough of everything your body needs to look and feel great. Once you make the commitment to eat right for your body, you can’t help but want to tell everyone you know how great you feel. This is a list of the top 10 signs you are eating right and are on the right track to great health.


1. You have good cholesterol levels

Although some people can eat tons of fat and not have any problems with their cholesterol, this is simply nothing more than the luck of the genetic draw.

For most of us, however, you will need regular checks of your cholesterol, both good and bad cholesterol, from your doctor. When you are eating a healthy, balanced diet, your cholesterol levels will be a telling factor.

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2. You easily maintain a healthy weight

Perhaps one of the best things about eating right is that you no longer have to struggle to keep a healthy weight.

When you start eating right you will notice excess weight comes off easily and with a continued healthy diet, your weight stays in one place without counting calories or grams of fat.

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3. You have an increased sex drive

This is a great way to tell if your healthy eating plan is paying off!

When you feel better about the way your body looks you will find that you are more willing to show it off to your partner.

You know, it’s the old “Honey, doesn’t my behind look smaller?” and you know what that will lead to!

Better still, you will have the energy to do it more often.

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4. You always seem to be in a great mood

Many people have noted that once they stopped consuming processed foods, junk foods, and refined sugars that their mood swings stopped, they felt happier, and they felt much less anxiety.

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5. You sleep well at night

Feeling less anxiety will be a big plus towards a good night’s sleep but you will find that cutting down on caffeine, and alcohol, as well as eating less in the evenings, means your liver doesn’t work as hard, which sometimes interferes with sleep, not to mention your stomach isn’t going to wake you up with a case of indigestion.

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6. Almost all your meals are homemade

It’s impossible to control what someone is putting in your food unless you are making your meals yourself.

Most people who choose to eat healthy find that food tastes better and they feel better about eating their food because they know exactly what’s in it.

When you make your own food, chances are much better that you will stick to your healthy lifestyle.

Making your own lunches to take to work or school is a sure sign that you are going to stick to your healthy commitment.

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7. You have clear skin and shiny hair

When your diet includes lots of healthy fats, such as those from avocados and nuts, they give your skin and hair a beautiful shine.

Also, eating lean proteins help the body assist the body in repairing damaged cells.

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8. You have plenty of energy all day

When your body is supplied with proper nutrients from a good diet, you will find that you have more than enough energy all throughout the day. No more crashing at 4PM, searching for that quick pick me up.

Your blood sugar will be at a steady level all day, keeping you energized and ready to go.

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9. You are mentally sharp

Did you know your brain burns about one calorie every few minutes?

When you don’t eat regular meals or don’t eat sufficient calories, your thought process suffers.

When you are eating right your will notice that those brain fogs or your inability to recall things quickly, is a thing of the past.

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10. You have regular, daily bowel movements

Ok, so this isn’t something you want to announce to the world, but you will know about it.

When you eat healthy you drastically increase your fiber and water intake which will allow your body to remove toxins and calories in a more efficient manner.

For good health your body needs to eliminate at least on a daily basis.

Eating healthy means good, healthy bowel movements every day.