Super Foods Anyone Can Grow at Home

Father And Son Gardening On Their Homestead

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Super foods are a term you hear a lot, even though there is really no set definition of this term. Most people would agree that a super food is a natural food that has a high amount of nutrition, such as vitamins and minerals, along with other healthy ingredients, such as antioxidants and fiber. Although super foods are grown all over the world, you can probably grow most of them right in your own garden, or even in pots on your patio!

Imagine walking outside your back door and picking out your own food for the day?! Fresh, organic, wholesome fruits and veggies for your whole family! If this sounds good to you, keep reading for a list of the super foods almost anyone can grow at home.


1. Broccoli

Besides being one of the world’s best super foods, it’s fairly easy to grow almost anywhere. If you like you can buy starter plants from your local nursery or grow them from seeds.

Seeds will take more time but will work just as well. Broccoli likes cooler weather so, depending on your location, you can either start them indoors and then transfer them in the early spring when all danger of frost has passed, or plant them in late summer so you can harvest just before the first frost.

Broccoli takes about 3 months before it is ready to harvest so if you plant your seeds in March, you should be able to harvest in June.

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