Surprising Things You Never Imagined the Sun Could Do For You

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Although more research needs to be done in order for us to truly understand the relationship between sunlight and our health, there is something about the sun and our health that has positive effects on us.

OK, so now you are wondering; what about skin cancer? Aren’t I supposed to cover up? Are you telling me now to let it all hang out?

Although it is true that too much sunlight give us freckles, sun spots, sunburn, wrinkles, and possibly even skin cancer, this doesn’t mean sunlight is an all or nothing deal.

Let’s be clear about this: No one is saying that you should spend 8 or 10 hours per day sunbathing without protection and turning your skin into shoe leather, but we need vitamin D and sunlight to stay healthy. This is a delicate balance that is based on your skin pigmentation, where you live and what time of day you plan to be outside.

For example, a person with fair skin needs very little sunlight at high noon than someone with darker colored skin, who might need an hour of sunlight to get the same benefit.

It appears that no matter what disease or health condition that gets investigated, vitamin D appears to play some type of crucial role.



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