The Healing Powers Of Black Seeds

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Black Seeds and Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C, or “Hep C,” is a serious disease spread by a virus that affects the liver. It’s a treatable but incurable condition. If left untreated, Hep C can cause serious liver damage, cancer or even liver failure.

Hep C treatment can be expensive, and it obviously requires a lifelong treatment plan, so many people in developing countries who contract it are unable to get access to conventional treatment. An Egyptian medical study involving black seeds, however, offers hope to those living with Hep C who are seeking alternative treatments.

This 2013 study was published in World Journal of Gastroenterology, and the researchers sought to discover how effective black seed-based treatment would be for Hep C patients who either couldn’t afford the standard treatment or couldn’t tolerate the side effects.

Over the course of three months, the study participants were given a 450 milligram gel tablet of black seed oil three times every day after meals. The researchers found that this alternative treatment produced “significant improvement in viral load, oxidative stress and laboratory markers.” They recommended larger follow-up studies be conducted to gain more data, but the results are very promising for Hep C patients who are hoping for an alternative form of treatment.


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We’re just beginning to discover the full extent of what black seeds may be capable of doing for our health. Modern science is shedding light on what our ancestors knew for thousands of years—that nature often produces the best medicine. There’s a reason that an old Arab proverb referred to black seed as “the remedy for everything but death.”


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