The Incredible Benefits of Bone Broth

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2.  Improve Immune and Digestive Health

Everyone knows that chicken soup is an age old recipe when you are sick, but modern research is only just beginning to understand how bone broth can help improve our immune system and digestive health. A great deal of our immune system lies in our gut. Bone broth is super nourishing to our digestive systems because of its high collagen and gelatin content. The amino acids mentioned above also help to reduce inflammation.

Gelatin helps to seal and heal the gut, reversing leaky gut syndrome and other types of digestive problems. Find out top 5 reasons why your digestive system is out of whack.


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3. Nutrient Absorption

Bone broth can help your body absorb nutrients in two ways:

  • The amino acid structure and gelatin content makes for a smoothing and healing tonic for the gut and improves the absorption of nutrients from other foods.
  • Bone broth is also a source of bio-available nutrients in a super easy to digest form.

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