The Incredible Benefits of Bone Broth

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The old saying “what’s old is new again” is certainly true, especially when we are talking about nutrition. Grandmothers and great-grandmothers everywhere are probably laughing at our modern culture just now “discovering” something that they have known all their lives: Bone broth is an inexpensive and important way to obtain vital nutrients.

If you have ever seen old drawings, pictures, or even movies that show homesteaders with a boiling pot of soup simmering over the fireplace, then you understand how it works (and just how long bone broth has actually been a part of our culture). This simmering pot was an easy base for soup and kept it germ free before there was refrigeration. Broth is simple and easy to make. By saving bones from previous meals, such as chicken, beef, or fish, you boil them in water with a little acid (such as vinegar) for a period of between 4 to 48 hours. Then all you need do is add vegetables, spices, and you have a perfect, super healthy soup.

One study conducted at the University of Nebraska Medical Center found the reason that chicken soup was so beneficial to those suffering with a cold or flu. They discovered that amino acids that are leeched into the water from chicken bones reduce the inflammation levels within the respiratory system and this improved digestion as well as the immune system in the gut.

If this sounds too easy to have so many health benefits, then keep reading. You will be surprised to find the many things that something as simple as bone broth can do for your health.


1.   Great Source of Hard to Get Amino Acids

There are several essential amino acids that are difficult to get from diet alone, no matter how healthy you eat. Some of these important amino acids are:

  • Glutamine – Glutamine is vital for the health of your digestive system. It’s been noted for its importance for skin health and prevention of allergies.
  • Proline – This is a precursor for the production of collagen. This amino acid helps the body break down proteins and improves the elasticity of the skin, which means it can help prevent wrinkles. It’s known for the benefits it offers your heart and stops the stiffening of arteries.
  • Arginine – This amino acid is important for proper kidney function, and wound healing. Evidence shows that arginine can also help to keep our arteries supple.
  • Glycine – This amino acid is necessary for the synthesis of RNA and DNA, as well as good digestive health. Glycine is used to regulate blood sugar and the production of bile salt. It increases the levels of creatine and enhances muscle growth and repair.

Although these amino acids are not considered to be “essential” by scientists because our bodies do make some of them, it’s really only in small amounts. It’s important to get more amounts from dietary sources as well, and bone broth is an easy way to do exactly that.

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2.  Improve Immune and Digestive Health

Everyone knows that chicken soup is an age old recipe when you are sick, but modern research is only just beginning to understand how bone broth can help improve our immune system and digestive health. A great deal of our immune system lies in our gut. Bone broth is super nourishing to our digestive systems because of its high collagen and gelatin content. The amino acids mentioned above also help to reduce inflammation.

Gelatin helps to seal and heal the gut, reversing leaky gut syndrome and other types of digestive problems. Find out top 5 reasons why your digestive system is out of whack.


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3. Nutrient Absorption

Bone broth can help your body absorb nutrients in two ways:

  • The amino acid structure and gelatin content makes for a smoothing and healing tonic for the gut and improves the absorption of nutrients from other foods.
  • Bone broth is also a source of bio-available nutrients in a super easy to digest form.

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4. Supports Healthy Skin, Nails, Hair, and Joints

Bone broth is high in collagen, which supports healthy hair, skin, and nail health. Bone broth also contains glucosamine chondroitin sulphates which support healthy joints.

The production of collagen in the body slows down immensely as we age. By consuming bone broth, you provide your body with the necessary amino acids for collagen production. This means that bone broth can actually keep your skin soft, smooth, firm, and reduce the number of wrinkles. The gelatin in bone broth also strengthens the nails and hair, encouraging them to grow longer and stronger.

Bone broth is made with bones and can contain a small amount of meat that adheres to the bones. Bone broths are usually simmered over a low flame for a long period of time, generally for 24 hours or more. This helps to leech as many of the minerals and nutrients as possible, transferring them to the water.

If you have ever used pre-packaged stocks before, then you have an idea of how versatile this broth can be. You should know, however, that those broths and stocks typically purchased in cans aren’t “real.” These are nothing more than lab-made meat flavors mixed with some animal fat, salt, and MSG. They contain no beneficial nutrients at all.

Bone broth is often used as a base for gravy, sauces, soups, and used to cook rice. Of course, you aren’t restricted by these ideas. You can also use bone broth:

  • To cook vegetables and add extra nutrients
  • In a mug all by itself, for a warm drink that is a nice alternative to tea or coffee
  • Dehydrate it and make your own bouillon powder
  • Use as a base for gravies and sauces
  • Use in place of plain water to cook rice or beans in for a unique flavor that adds vital nutrients at the same time.

Another great thing about bone broth is that if you or someone you love is plagued with Celiac disease, then you know that their intolerance of gluten often causes digestive problems and deficiencies in certain nutrients. Bone broth is a great way to boost your system with absolutely no digestive discomfort at all. Bone broth will help coat and soothe the entire digestive system, helping it to heal, without causing it any stress or irritation.

If you aren’t making bone broth regularly, why not start today? If you aren’t sure how, check out our article entitled How to Make Your Own Naturally Healthy Bone Broth. This is an incredibly healthy, yet super inexpensive way to add nutrition to your diet and make your food dollar go a long way. Of course you can always buy bone broth at health food stores but nothing on earth tastes as good as homemade broth. This is a nutrient rich food that anyone can afford!