The Incredible Healing Power Of Clay

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Historical Applications of Clay

The use of clay for its healing properties is something that is well known in ancient cultures. For one, contemporary Native Americans used clay for its antibiotic uses. Along the West coast of the Americas, certain native cultures were fixated on the kisolite clay. This particular clay had properties that help stomach and gastrointestinal issues. It was also well known for skin injuries and treating open wounds, a quality that nearly all types of clay share.

The applications of clay throughout history is something that has fascinated researchers. In fact, the use of clay as an antibiotic is one of the more intriguing studies. The main discovery is that clay is a natural remedy and kills bacteria in the same way modern disinfectants do. This is simply amazing. In fact, early findings seem to suggest that clay is even more powerful than our modern antibiotics, and more effective too.

Antibiotics have their place, of course, since the early 20th century drugs like penicillin have been useful in treating ailments and infections. The problem lies in the overuse of antibiotics that results in resistant bacteria and superbugs. If we continue to use antibiotics at the pace we do now, there may very well come a time when illnesses won’t respond to medical treatment. This is why studying the properties of medicinal clay is incredibly important.

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