The Many Healing Properties of This One Sweet Oil

floral frame from flowers of lavender

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7.  Eases Stress

You can use lavender oil as natural massage oil for some welcome relief from joint or muscle pain, as well as for stress relief. If you love warm baths, add a few drops to your bathwater for a stress-relieving soak that will leave you feeling uber refreshed.


8.  Super Skin Healing

Lavender oil has incredible benefits when it comes to healing damaged skin. In 2010, The Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine conducted a study that showed lavender and rosemary increased the body’s scavenging activity against free radicals, which had defensive effects in the fight with oxidative stress. Free radicals are known for being a major contributor to many serious diseases, including cancer and arthritis. Lavender oil can heal skin quickly and reduce scarring.


9. Eases Premenstrual Syndrome and Other Hormonal Symptoms

Lavender oil can ease the pain of cramps, edema, pelvic inflammation and vaginal infections. Simply add lavender oil to your bath, or massage it directly into the skin a few days before your period. You can also do this when you have cramps or other painful symptoms.

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