The Many Healing Properties of This One Sweet Oil

Bunch of lavender flowers

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4. Respiratory Relief

When inhaled, the vapor of lavender oil can soothe respiratory problems because of  its antibacterial compounds. This is the oil to turn to when you have sinus congestion, coughs, colds or flu and throat infections. In fact, lavender oil is so healing to the entire respiratory system that you will find it in many commercial inhalers and vaporizing products. Lavender oil loosens phlegm and congestion caused by many respiratory problems. Once phlegm and mucus are removed from the body, healing can take place.


5. Natural Anti-Fungal

The University of Columbia found that lavender oil kills strains of skin and nail fungus, known as dermatophytes, as well as the notorious Candida. This study, published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology, showed that the oil kills fungi by damaging the cell walls, making them weak and killing them. This method of destruction does not cause resistance, unlike many antibiotics and antifungal medications. Try some lavender oil instead of over-the-counter remedies for toenail or skin fungal infections.


6. Hair Restorer

In 2009, a study out of Scotland found that 44 percent of subjects with alopecia had new hair growth after massaging their scalps daily with lavender oil during a seven- month study period. This natural oil could be a promising new remedy for male pattern baldness and other hair growth problems. Lavender oil is also good for killing head lice, killing the fungus that can lead to dandruff and disinfecting the scalp, as well as stimulating hair growth for many people.

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