The Non-Toxic Liquid Miracle That You Can Drink And Clean Your Floor With Too


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Today we are going to talk about the miracle liquid that you can degrease your kitchen with, mop the floor with, clean windows with, kill mold with – heck, it even kills things like athlete’s foot, but is so safe you can drink it as well.

Although this might sound like something out of the parody site The Onion, it’s true. This substance has been approved by the U.S. and is already being used in numerous countries around the world.

Imagine replacing almost every toxic substance in your home with one super effective, non-toxic compound. It will be coming to a store near you very soon, so be on the lookout for it. What are we talking about? Electrolyzed water.

What exactly is electrolyzed water? This is nothing more than seawater, or a mixture of tap water and salt, where the ions have been scrambled by a jolt of electricity. It sounds too good to be true, but scientists have found that electrolyzed water is powerful enough to kill anthrax spores but poses absolutely no harm to the environment or to people.

Electrolyzed water has been used in Japan and Russia for ages, but has only recently begun to be used in the U.S. Minnesota grocery clerks are using it to spray those sticky, germ-filled conveyer belts in checkout lanes. One poultry producer in New York is using it to kill salmonella on freshly butchered chickens. In Michigan, jailers are using electrolyzed water as floor cleaner to stop lethal cleansers from getting into the hands of inmates.

Sheraton hotels in California have recently started using electrolyzed water for housekeeping purposes. Many of the housekeepers were originally skeptical. Since they saw no foam and no bubbles, and it has no smell, they thought it wasn’t working. Time, however, has completely changed how they feel about electrolyzed water. Even the kitchen staff is sold on electrolyzed water. They have started using it to sanitize their produce. They say you notice the difference in a matter of days as lettuce and other produce items stay fresh and crisp much longer than before. They are looking for a way to use it in their dishwashers!

Companies also enjoy the savings. At less than one penny per gallon, it is super inexpensive and has reduced most employee injuries caused by caustic chemicals such as bleach. Also, since staff can prepare their mixtures on site, it saves money on shipping and storage.

We haven’t even talked about the benefits to the environment due to less plastic, less gas being used in shipping, and the caustic chemicals that are no longer being dumped into the ground every single day.

The electrolysis machines currently run a hefty $10,000. Large companies, such as the Sheraton hotel chain, say that they should recoup the costs of these machines in less than one year.

Scientists have been tinkering around with electrolysis for at least two centuries. This is how large-scale production of chlorine was brought about, as well as metal electroplating. Scientists discovered that zapping salt water with low voltage electricity creates some powerful, yet completely non-toxic, compounds that do a bang-up job when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. When hit with an electric current, sodium ions are converted into sodium hydroxide. This is an alkaline liquid that cleans exactly the same way as detergents do, but with no bubbles, no foam, and no toxic chemicals or fumes.

Compared to bleach, electrolyzed water is claimed to be 10 times more effective when it comes to killing bacteria, but it is completely harmless to the environment and to humans. What more could you ask for?

Well, there is still a lot to ask for, actually.


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Electrolyzed water loses its potency pretty fast, so, as of right now, it can’t be marketed and sold on shelves. The machines are still quite expensive for home use. Also, the process of electrolyzing has to be monitored to ensure that the water is of the right “strength.” This is why you have yet to see it for sale in America. However, manufacturers are working right now on making home-based ionizers that are more affordable. Still, at about $3,000, you should be very careful about who you buy from. Since electrolyzed water has no smell, no real taste, no color, and no bubbles, you have no idea if what your machine is making is actually electrolyzed water or not.

Still, machines that you can use at home are in the works and one day, hopefully, electrolyzed water will be all the rage and Mr. Clean will be out of job.