The Perils Of A Toxic Relationship

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How Do I Know If I Am In A Toxic Relationship?

Toxic people can be both attractive and manipulative; in fact, this is how they get their way more times than not. If you feel like you’re always feeling guilty for things in your relationship or if the people in your life are tired of hearing about you and your relationship issues, you may be in a toxic relationship.

A toxic person will always put their needs ahead of yours — in fact, many times you won’t feel like you have a say in the relationship at all. You may even feel unworthy or the “lesser half” of the partnership when you’re in a relationship like this.


Signs Of A Toxic Relationship:


1. Impacts your self-image or damages your self-esteem

The way we see ourselves, our self-image, is closely tied to the relationships we have and who we identify with in those relationships. We often spend time with people who empower us to be better or who encourage our talents … People who enable the best parts of our personality and love us for who we are. When we surround ourselves with these types of people, the effect is obvious. Our lives are happy and bright, and we often experience more success in our professional lives. A toxic relationship will sabotage this in every way possible. It is the polar opposite and will wear away at your positive self-image. Imagine the effects of a relationship like this over time. It can really tear you down and destroy your confidence.

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