The Real Reasons You Hold on to Stress, Even Though it’s Killing You

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2.  You Love Playing the Martyr

For those of you who love the attention you get from being a martyr, then you might have the hardest time of anyone when it comes to getting rid of your stress. Why do people prefer being a martyr over ditching stress? The attention and innocence. Who could blame you for the messed up life you lead when you are working such as crappy job with such a terrible boss? Most martyrs are full of resentment towards the world because of what they see as their problems that no one else is qualified to deal with.

However, martyrs are always quick to refuse help that might lessen their burden. What most martyrs don’t know, however, is that almost everyone else gets really annoyed with their behavior. They get lots of pity at first, but after a while everyone sees through their act. If you are enjoying your life as a stressful martyr, we can’t make you change your mind, but if you would like to quit, then look for other ways to feel important and get attention.

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