Thieves Oil: What It Is, How To Use it, And Why You Need It! (Recipe Included!)

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Have you heard about thieves oil? It seems to be making the rounds on the Internet. This blend of essential oils has been around for thousands of years. Have you heard one of the stories behind this amazing blend of oils?

This essential oil blend comes to us from Europe.  The “thieves” in this story were originally spice traders and merchants who imported some of the oils and spices used in this recipe, many of them from India. When the black plague hit Europe, almost all international shipping and trade was suspended. No one wanted to venture into the affected areas and no one was interested in any trade objects brought from the infected lands.

The merchants were, essentially, out of business. However, four of these merchants banded together and came up with a plan to support themselves. They created a blend (and the recipe varies slightly depending on who is telling the story) of oils that they believed would protect them from the plague. These thieves then proceeded to loot the bodies and homes of plague victims. The thieves then set up a store, selling or pawning the booty they stole from their victims.

The king (and which king this is also varies from telling to telling) heard about the four thieves and demanded that they reveal their secret oil recipe to him or be burned at the stake. Some stories say that the king burned the thieves anyway after they revealed their secret; other versions of this story say that the king then posted the recipe all over the region.

There are at least 17 versions of this same story, but the one thing these stories all have in common are the oils that are used. Of course the amounts of each oil vary, but the benefits of the oils used are substantial. There is even an account of this story recorded in the Royal English Archives.

Research conducted by Weber State University in 1997 found that thieves oil blend killed 99 percent of airborne bacteria when used in room diffusers.

The oils used in this blend are known to support the immune system, contain powerful antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds, so it’s really no wonder that this oil could offer some serious protection from the plague.

Of course, you can always buy a pre-mixed bottle of thieves oil online, but why do that when you can make your own blend?

First, let’s take a look at the basic recipe, and then we will look at the benefits and how you can use your magical thieves blend of essential oil!

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The Basic Recipe

  • 45 Drops of Clove Essential Oil
  • 35 Drops of Lemon Essential Oil
  • 25 Drops of Cinnamon Essential Oil
  • 15 Drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • 10 Drops of Rosemary Essential Oil

Mix the oils well in a small glass or ceramic bowl, and then transfer to the dark colored glass container of your choice. You might want to put half in a roll-on bottle for personal use and the other half in a bottle with a dropper type lid, so you can apply one drop at a time.

Now that you know how to make it, let’s look at how you can use it.

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1.  Stop Viruses

You can apply this oil liberally to the back of your neck, chest, and/or the forearms to help repel and kill viruses. This is the perfect oil to take on those crowded shopping trips, parties (especially winter parties such as Christmas and New Year’s) or airplanes. You can stop viruses from hitching a ride on your body with this powerful antiviral, antibacterial blend.


2.  Household Use

Thieves oil can be used all around your home to kill bacteria and viruses naturally, with no toxic chemicals or bleach. The following are just a few of the ways you can disinfect almost everything around the home:

  • Laundry – Add 6 drops (8 for a large or very dirty load) to your wash water, then load your clothes for super cleaning and deodorizing power
  • Pet Dishes- Add 2 drops to a sink of soapy water and wash, then rinse well
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Surfaces – add 12 drops to eight ounces of water in a spray bottle and shake well
  • Cell Phones – Lightly spray a clean, dry cloth and rub gently over your phone. Be careful not to over wet the towel or phone.
  • Floors – Add 15 to 20 drops to half a bucket of water
  • Hair Product Buildup – Mix eight drops in a half a cup of water and add to a spray bottle. Spray your hair; allow it to work for five minutes, then shampoo as you normally would.
  • Stuffed Animals – To clean your kid’s favorite teddy, put the toy inside a pillowcase and tie it closed (an old hairband works well for this). Add 10 drops to the wash water, and then put the toy in the washing machine. Wash on the gentle cycle.


3.  Minor Scrapes Or Cuts

Dilute two drops of thieves oil in four drops of olive oil or coconut oil, and apply directly to the wound for improved healing and potent disinfecting power.

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4.  Immune System Support

Rub some thieves oil on the bottom of your feet (don’t forget to do your children also) for immune system support you can really rely on during the cold and flu season. For children, you should dilute this oil in some coconut or olive oil first to protect their sensitive skin.


5.  Super Clean Dishes

You can really disinfect your dishes by adding a few drops of thieves oil to a sink of dishwater or to the dishwasher soap dispenser. You don’t need bleach or other harmful chemicals to keep your family safe from bacteria; all you need is a bit of thieves oil!


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6.  Purify The Air

Put thieves oil in your room diffuser to kill viruses and germs in the air. Each room diffuser has different instructions, so follow the ones that came with your machine for best results. This is a great way to clean the room, especially during or after a houseful of guests.


7.  Oral Care

You can kill the germs that cause bad breath, gingivitis, and ease a sore throat by using thieves oil as a mouthwash and gargle solution. Add two drops of thieves oil and just a pinch of salt to an 8 ounce glass of water. Your mucous membranes will absorb the oil and kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. If you enjoy making your own toothpaste, you can use a drop of thieves oil on your toothbrush for extra germ killing action.

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8.  DIY Hand Sanitizer

You can keep your little one’s hands clean and germ free by making your own hand sanitizer. Mix some aloe vera gel, a few drops of thieves oil, and just a few drops of water to thin it out enough so that you can use it in a squeeze bottle. Of course, you can also use this solution yourself while you are out and about.


9. Respiratory Support

When you have a nagging cough or cold, dilute 6 drops of thieves oil in two tablespoons of coconut oil or olive oil and massage your throat, chest, and upper back to help relieve a cough and stuffy nose. After massaging the oil in well, you can add a warm compress to your chest to amplify the effectiveness. Using thieves oil in a room diffuser will also help to clear out the congestion in your lungs and throat.


10.  Freshen Mattresses

To freshen up your mattress and kill bedbugs, mix 10 drops of thieves oil in a spray bottle along with eight to 10 ounces of water and spray the mattress liberally. Be sure to allow it to dry thoroughly before making up the bed.

As you can see, thieves oil is a super multi-tasker that can help with just about anything! There are many more ways to use thieves oil – the sky is the limit, so why not get started today!