Think Adding Fluoride is Bad? Wait Until You Find Out What Else is in that Fluoride


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As if adding harmful sodium fluoride to municipal water supplies wasn’t bad enough, many tested samples of fluoride contained toxic heavy metals such as aluminum, lead, and tungsten. A well-known online lab has revealed that uranium and strontium were also found in large quantities in some samples. This can’t help but raise additional questions about the purity of the industrial fluoride that is being used to fluoridate water supplies. Read also if fluoride in water is causing brain drain.

The online source that conducted the testing obtained samples of the supposedly “pure” sodium fluoride from six chemical manufacturers in China who export fluoride for use in American water supplies and other types of industrial applications, such as pesticides.

Approximately 500 grams of this white powder was obtained from each one of the six Chinese companies, and from those original samples, about 0.5 grams from each sample was weighed in vials, then, using “trace grade”, extremely pure, acids suitable for ICP-MS analysis, these samples were then consumed.

After the samples were consumed, they were then normalized using laboratory grade water and then dilution factors were set in the control software.

Strict quality control was used and the results were astonishing. The heavy metals that were found included the following:

  • Uranium
  • Aluminum
  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Strontium
  • Tungsten

This lab has produced undeniably scientific proof that the fluoride used in US water supplies is contaminated with heavy metals, toxic elements, and other dangerous elements which have radioactive properties.

US cities that are foolishly engaging in the fluoridation of their water supplies almost never test the raw materials they receive for contamination. Why should they, as there are no laws against dumping toxic materials, even things such as damaging heavy metals, as long as they are labeled as a non-toxic substance. Although the EPA does demand that public water test their water for heavy metal concentrations, the truth is that samples acquired for testing purposes are often taken upstream from where the fluoride is dumped. This means that the contaminants from the fluoride are never actually tested.

This lab tests confirms that the contamination of fluoride by heavy metals can vary considerably from one fluoride source to another. For example, while 988 parts per billion of lead was found in one source, another source showed as little as 53 ppb. However, that low-lead source contained more than 1,400 ppb of uranium. That is a very disconcerting figure when you consider the amount of radioactive uranium that is still found on this plant thanks to atomic weapons testing.

Also, the industrial heavy metal tungsten, which exists in imported rice protein products, was also found in two of the six samples tested. At high concentrations, tungsten has been linked to higher levels of stroke risk. This sample means, however, that some people in America are drinking water from muni water that contains tungsten.

Fluoride advocates, however, have always used not so honest language when trying to deceive the public about fluoride. One advertisement floating around a pro-fluoride city stated that fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral in water and that the additional fluoride simply restored the natural level of fluoride to water in order to protect the health of the public. This is an outright lie. Simply because something occurs naturally in nature does not necessarily make it healthy. Arsenic and cyanide are also naturally occurring elements in nature but no one would dare say either of those things was “healthy”. If proponents want to restore public water supplies, then we should also be dumping arsenic into municipal water supplies.


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Also, sodium fluoride imported from China can hardly be compared to the same natural mineral that is found in groundwater. There are numerous chemical compounds which have fluorine elements in various configurations, some of which is more toxic than others, and all of them are labeled fluoride for the intention of municipal water fluoridation. Of course this dishonest labeling is intentional.

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Also, fluoride contamination of water wells around the world is a large and very widespread problem. This has been the root cause of the dental fluorosis that is now epidemic in the world. Simply because fluoride is found in some wells doesn’t meant that it should be added to all other water supplies.

One of the nasty little secrets that the fluoridation industry doesn’t tell you is that when they say it’s so easy to “drink” your fluoride, they never mention to you that you will also be drinking uranium, tungsten, lead, aluminum, and many other elements that are found in common fluoride chemicals.

Can you imagine what the public impact of having millions of children around the world drinking even trace levels of lead along with their fluoride? Lead is extremely well-known for damaging the IQ’s of children and impair their learning abilities. Even if the levels of lead in municipal water supplies caused by contaminated sources of fluoride are very small, they still contribute to other sources of exposure to led such as the lead alloys in brass pipe fittings, which are still very common in the plumbing systems of most residential houses.

Beside the contamined fluoride they are adding to your water, did you know that they are also adding chlorine? Yes, you know it as bleach. This is done to keep bacteria from growing in the water. Although this sounds like a healthy idea, the problem is that chlorine reacts with other organic material which creates chloroform, CBPs (chlorination disinfection byproducts), and THMs ( trihalomethanes), which are known carcinogens.

Boiling the water will not remove these carcinogens, and, in the case of fluoride, it actually makes it even more potent. Installing a whole house reverse osmosis water filtration system or buying one of those inexpensive pitcher type filters are perhaps the best way to remove these dangerous toxins from your drinking water. Find out ways you can remove toxic fluoride from your body.

There are some terribly important questions that everyone should consider, now that we know that public officials are poisoning our water supplies with contaminated fluoride:

1. What exactly are the ethical implications of forcing the public to consume a substance known to be contaminated with heavy metals? If fluoridated water is mandatory, then isn’t the consumption of heavy metals also mandatory since the fluoride is contaminated with them?

2. If fluoridation of the public water supply is supposed to be all about protecting the public’s health, then shouldn’t the fluoride you are forcing on them at the very least be free from contamination?

3. If all the dentists and doctors who are promoting fluoridation of water supplies claim to be protecting the health of the public, then why have none of them ever tested fluoride for contamination?

4. Why don’t the cities that fluoridate their water test the raw materials for heavy metals and then publicly share the results?

5. Why isn’t there a law requiring that fluoride that is added to public water supplies have some set standard?

Although these are vital questions, you really shouldn’t expect anyone from the mainstream media, nor the fluoride proponents, to answer any of these questions for you. They are much too busy pretending and trying to convince you that adding fluoride to your water supply is good for you!

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