This One Vitamin Is Found To Kill Cancer Cells (We’ll Tell You the Right Way To Get It)

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There is mounting evidence that one little vitamin can play a significant role in stopping cancer, especially breast cancer. A number of recent studies have shown that vitamin E stops cancer cells’ metabolism.

This is good news for all women (men as well) who want to protect themselves from breast cancer; those who are currently getting treatment for this disease; or those who have already defeated this illness and want to avoid a repeat performance.

In fact, if you are taking Tamoxifen, there have been clinical trials showing that vitamin E enhances the effects of Tamoxifen, which means that by taking vitamin E, you would need 25 percent less Tamoxifen. Since Tamoxifen itself has been linked to a higher risk of stroke or uterine cancer, cutting back on the amount of this drug you take is a good thing. Ask your doctor if taking vitamin E and less Tamoxifen is right for you.

Scientists have found that breast cancer has special cells that not only initiate and develop tumors, but also speed up the metastasis, therapeutic resistance, and relapse. Luckily, vitamin E destabilizes the mitochondria in those special cells so they cannot continue with their metabolism, resulting in cell death.

Human cells work much the same way. Every cell in your body has a tiny engine in it called the mitochondria, where fuel is burned to give that cell energy. Vitamin E blocks this process in cancerous cells. Without fuel, the cell dies of starvation, not matter how young or developed the cell.

Research teams hope that vitamin E can help to induce cell death when taken in higher concentrations as well as block the normal mitochondrial function.

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