Three Super High Protein Vegetarian Recipes: Get Your Protein On!

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Ever notice how no one ever asks about your protein until they find out that you are vegetarian? Strange, isn’t it?

The fact is protein abounds in plant foods! Although there can be dietary deficiencies in a vegetarian diet, you can avoid these with some careful planning.

However, protein is not usually one of those problems.

Our bodies require essential amino acids to function. Meat does provide complete protein, but this is actually not the best food choice for health, environmental, and ethical reasons.

To get a complete protein without consuming animal meat, you simply pair certain foods to make complete proteins. For example, you take one type of plant food with one set of amino acids, and then add another type of plant that contains another source of amino acids and there you have it! It’s like instead of eating the number 6, you are going to eat 3 and 3. You still get 6, right?

If you are concerned that you might not be getting enough protein, or if you are simply on the lookout for new recipes, we have three terrific recipes that are super high in protein, so everyone can stop asking you about it!

You might want to turn on your printer so that you can print these out for next week’s meal plan!

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