5 Tips For Boosting Your Productivity

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Everyone is busy these days. Sometimes it all seems like too much. In order to solve this problem, most people will attempt to organize what they need to do by making a to-do list.

Unfortunately for many people, this doesn’t work as well in practice as it does in theory. By the time the day ends, many tasks on the list remain incomplete, even though they may have been working hard all day. How does this happen?

The solution can be found in changing how your list is set up, and how you approach work itself. Let’s go through the list of 5 practical tips you can use to increase your productivity and lower your stress.


1. Prioritize What You Actually Need to Do, and When

When you are creating your task list, first determine, “What do I actually NEED to do? What are the most critical tasks that need to be accomplished today? It is imperative that you prioritize your tasks by importance, otherwise you will get lost in the weeds on tasks that are not relevant to your most important goal or project.

Once you have done this, write them out by order of importance, and start the most important task first. This way, if you only get one thing done that day, it will be the task that matters.

Make your to-do list the night before, that way you won’t waste time in the morning trying to think “what do I need to do today?” You can just wake up, enjoy your coffee and then just get started with your work, instead of burning cognitive energy trying to figure out your job for that day.

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