Top 10 Apocalyptic Risks to the Survival of the Human Race

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4.  Terminator Times

AKA, the Skynet Scenario. This might sound like more Hollywood movie fare, but think about it. We already have turned over control of our cars, phones, surgery, airplanes, the stock market, our banking, even our medical records.  The joke on Facebook is, “Remember when people were smart and phones were dumb?”

We keep making computers smarter and smarter, logic should tell us that it is only a matter of time before we make computers that are smarter than we are. Some scientists believe that by as early as 2045, computers will be billions of times smarter than we are. What happens if they decide they don’t need us? Sounds like something from the Sci-Fi Channel, but genius Stephen Hawking believes it is a possibility, so why shouldn’t we?


5. Bee Decimation

We know that bees are dying, by the thousands, but we really aren’t sure why. We have lots of suspects, but no real answers. It’s estimated that one out of every three bites of food that are consumed every day around the world depends on pollinators like bees. This is a fairly obvious connection: no bees, no pollination, and no food (or very little). It’s not that hard to imagine that if we don’t find out what is killing off the world’s bees, it’s not hard to imagine that the human race might face major food shortages, which will cause war, chaos, and very possibly human extinction.


6. Global Warming

Although climate change deniers will tell you otherwise, it is very, very real. And it is being caused by man. As we continue to burn carbon like there is no tomorrow, and eat more and more meat every year, the greenhouse gases are increasing in our atmosphere by leaps and bounds. The Arctic ice cap is melting, the oceans are more acidic than ever before, the storms on our planet are becoming more and more powerful, the Amazon rain forest is trying out along its edges, and our planet looks pretty sick. In fact, some environmentalists think that we are already past the point of no return and that even if we manage to cut way back on our carbon emissions, the earth will keep warming and we can’t stop it. Imagine the life that is possibly awaiting our grandchildren.


7. Super Bugs

Super bugs are anti-biotic resistant bacteria. These super bugs are growing stronger and stronger every single year. We take antibiotics for granted and we shouldn’t because one day, we will create a bacterium that does not respond to any known antibiotic and it begins to spread. Imagine smallpox that cannot be stopped.

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