Top 10 Apocalyptic Risks to the Survival of the Human Race


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8. Water Pollution

Every living thing on this planet needs water to survive, in one way or another and in one amount or another. Humans continue to dump toxic chemicals, trash, and plastic in the oceans and waterways without any thought to what we would do if we end up poisoning our water supplies to the point that we cannot sustain life. Of course many people believe that we can simply use filters, right? Well, yes and no. True, we can use filters for our own drinking water, but what about acid rain that falls on our crops? When most of the species that live in the water die due to pollution? Imagine this planet with dead oceans? It is entirely possible that the human race could literally poison itself to death. Could the World Run Out of Fresh Water by 2040?


9. Nuclear or Biological Terrorism

This is another not-so-far-fetched idea, especially not in today’s world. There are plenty of terrorists groups that would give anything to get their hands on a couple of nuclear bombs or a great deal of anthrax, Ebola, or some other type of virus. Many people believe that this type of scenario for the end of the world is not only not out of the question, but that it could happen within in the next 25 years. With the ever increasing number of unstable countries (Pakistan), or unstable dictators (North Korea), the possibility that some terrorist group gaining control of either nuclear or biological weapons really seems more like a question of when and not a matter of if.


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10. Zombie Apocalypse

We said that this wasn’t a possibility and in some ways it isn’t but…let’s drop this little scenario on you and see what you think.

There is a certain parasite called toxoplasma gondii, who we will call Gondi for short in this article. Gondi can only reproduce inside a cat’s intestine, but Gondi, this little stinker, has somehow made the jump to rats. So here’s how Gondi works this little trick; Gondi takes over an infected rats brain and actually makes it interested in hanging around with cats. Yes, crazy but true. So, rat tries to cuddle with cat, so cat eats rat, Gondi reproduces in the cats intestines. Ok, so how does this apply to humans? Have you ever wondered why scientists use rats in so many of their experiments? It’s because rats and humans are very much alike. And about half of the humans on this earth are infected with that nasty little parasite, Gondi. Now this parasite doesn’t happen to affect humans the way it does rats. (Or does it? Crazy cat lady anyone?) OK, but viruses mutate. Viruses can be manually manipulated in laboratories. Get where we are going with this? What if this virus could be manipulated so that half of the world’s population was under some sort of mind control? Forced to eat junk food, drink fluoridated water, unable to think in a rational manner. Sound too far-fetched? Really?


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