Top 10 Herbs to Boost Your Brain and Memory Power

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How many of you worry about losing your memory or other cognitive problems as you grow older? You are certainly not alone! Many people think that these kinds of problems are an inevitable part of the aging process, but this is not true.

Your brain is able to make new cells no matter your age. Now your diet plays an important part is how effectively, as well as how often, those new cells are made and many whole foods have compounds that can make that process work flawlessly.

Take a look at the top10 herbs that can improve your ability to make new brain cells and boost that memory power, no matter what your age!


1. Rosemary

You probably know this spice from your kitchen spice rack but rosemary is for so much more than just cooking. Rosemary has long been used to help with memory. Science proves that his herb has antioxidant compounds that fight free radicals. One study showed that when rosemary was used regularly in aromatherapy, it reduces stress and, therefore, cortisol levels. Another study involving nursing students showed that using rosemary essential oil before a test improved their memory and concentration levels.

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2. Ginseng

This is an age old extract that has been used for many purposes, including impaired memory (find out its benefits for weight loss).

Mice used in lab tests were given ginseng extracts and they showed remarkable improvements in maze tasks.

Ginseng has been shown to improve memory enhancement by activating neurotransmitters.

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3. Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is perhaps one of the best-selling supplements around the world and there is a very good reason why; because it works! The leaves of this tree, which is perhaps one of the longest living species of plants, is a terrific mental aid.

Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology published a study early in 2014 that showed extracts from ginkgo trees could improve the working memory in middle aged persons. Another study published in the 2013 in Toxicology and Industrial Health found that ,combined with vitamin C, ginkgo could correct the mental problems caused through overexposure to fluoride.

For most people, taking between 240 and 600 mgs of ginkgo biloba, as much as three times per day, could have positive effects for correcting memory related problems. Read more about ginkgo biloba for diabetes.

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4. Green Tea

Green tea is well known for its powerful antioxidant compounds.

Studies confirm that green tea extracts can help shield lipids and proteins from age related activities that are caused by oxidation. Research shows that animals that were treated with green tea extract showed better learning ability.

Studies published in March of 2013 even state that green tea can protect the hippocampus from decline due to aging.

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5. Sage

Health advocates have long believed that sage contains active ingredients that can improve the chemicals that help the brain and science has confirmed this.

North Umbria University, in combination with Newcastle University, conducted a study where 44 persons took either sage or a placebo. Those who took sage did much better in word recall tests.

Sage can also help those afflicted with Alzheimer’s as sage encourages the production of brain chemicals that are much lower in those with this brain disease.

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6. Bacopa

Bacopa monnieri, also called brahmi, is an herb native to East and Southeast Asia, where it is well known for its brain improving compounds. This herb is often used in Ayurvedic medicine and is often prescribed for issues such as poor memory, brain fog, depression, and poor concentration.

There have been several large studies that confirm that this herb is good for the brain. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine published a study in 2012 that showed that brahmi improved cognitive processing, working memory, as well as attention spans. While another study, which was published in Neuropsychopahrmacology, found that brahmi improved recall abilities and memory.

Bacopa can take a while before you see results. Take 150 mgs of this herb three times per day over a two month period should bring the desired results.

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7. Rhodiola Rosea

This is an ancient herb that has been used for a wide variety of illness and is known as one of the best for improving memory. This herb goes by several names such as roseroot, Aaron’s rod, or golden root. Studies show that rhodiola can improve your focus, memory, and even relieve depression.


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Science shows that this herb has adaptogenic properties, which stimulate the central nervous system, which results in improved concentration and memory. One study showed that taking this herb on a regular basis can greatly improve memorization abilities.

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8. Periwinkle

More than just a pretty flower with a cute name, periwinkle has antispasmodic, anti-cancer, antibacterial, as well as sedative effects in addition to improving memory. The leaves and seeds of this plant have a substance called vincamine; this chemical is a natural blood thinner that improves circulation to the brain and encouraging better use of oxygen. This chemical is widely used to improve the memory as this ingredient is used in some of the most potent ingredients found in many pharmaceutical prescription medications for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Some scientists state that periwinkle works much like ginkgo biloba in its ability to improve memory as it is also a powerful killer of free radicals in the body. Periwinkle prevents damage to the blood vessels, which means improved blood flow to the brain, which can prevent senility and dementia. Whenever the oxygen supply to the brain is improved, memory and cognitive abilities are greatly increased.

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9. Gotu Kola

Sometimes called Indian Pennywort, gotu kola is an herb with promising results for improving brain function and memory. Overall, this herb improves one’s mental function. This herb is another common one used in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine as a means of rejuvenating the mind and body, as well as being used as an anti-aging remedy.

Studies show that this herb has certain substances that improve the brain power by improving blood circulation to the brain, which gives us better concentration abilities, attention span, memory, and intelligence.

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10. Blueberries

OK, so blueberries aren’t herbs, but they have such brain boosting power that they deserve to go on this list. Modern scientific studies show that the powerful flavonoids in blueberries increase out cognitive function, verbal comprehension, learning abilities, reasoning, decision making, and memory. These studies also showed that consuming flavonoids regularly dramatically slow cognitive decline and offer protection from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and dementia.

Harvard University conducted a study showing that blueberries were great at improving brain power and staving off memory loss that comes with aging. Flavonoids have both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that play important roles in improving our brain functions as stress and inflammation are often thought to be some of the major factors that set off brain function decline.