Top 10 Lies That Are Keeping Us All Fat And Sick

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8. If You Want The Weight To Stay Off, You Must Lose It Slowly

This is another statement that is only partially true. A jumpstart on your weight loss program will often reboot your metabolism, forcing it to burn fat right away. You will reset your hormones and your brain chemistry by immediately detoxing from sugar, fast foods, and junk foods.

After this, however, it is important to eat enough calories that your lose about two pounds a week. Losing too much weight to quickly often leads to gallstones and other health problems. For many people, a low calorie diet is also the quickest way to fail. You will feel fatigued and have food cravings that you won’t be able to deny.

So go ahead and start off with a three-day or five-day fast. Clear out those toxins and get a head start on your diet. Don’t return to the junk food and fast food; however, but eat plenty of healthy foods from Mother Nature so that you lose weight gradually and naturally.


9. Drink Diet Soda Instead Of Regular Soda

It sounds logical: Trade in those sugar filled sodas for sodas that contain few, if any, calories. However, if you haven’t heard, diet soda is far worse than regular sugar-filled sodas could ever be. In fact, one study involving more than 66,000 women over a 14-year period found that the women who consumed just one diet soda each day had a 33 percent increased risk of developing diabetes. Two sodas each day increased that risk by a whopping 66 percent. Diet soda slows the metabolism and only makes your body crave more sugar. There are plenty of other health risks associated with diet sodas as well. No matter how you look at it, avoid diet sodas (regular sodas as well!) at all costs.

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