Top 10 Lies That Are Keeping Us All Fat And Sick

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Losing weight, for most people, is the one the hardest things to do. People can stop drinking or smoking, and they never touch the stuff again. However, we all have to eat. Eating is a choice we must make every single day, and it’s not something that we can just turn our backs on.

Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles we have to face is the misinformation we are force fed every single day. Just typing “best way to lose weight” in any search engine will give you millions of hits and tons of sites trying to push their weight loss supplements on you.

It can be hard for the average person to know what is true and what isn’t. Americans have some of the best foods in the world available, so why are so many of us fat and sick all the time? Because we believe the food industry’s lies.

We are going to try to sort out some of the misinformation that’s out there. Let’s take a look at the top 10 lies you will see on the Internet and in our grocery stores every day that are keeping us overweight, overly tired, and sick as dogs most of the time.


1. You Will Feel Hungry On A Diet

This is a big lie. You do not have to starve yourself to lose weight. When you eat real, whole foods, you are never hungry. When you eat the correct balance of healthy fats, simple carbs, vegetables, and fruits, along with lean meats, you never feel hungry. When your body is filled with real nutrition, you will stop having cravings, and you won’t even need to count calories. Eating a proper diet will help to balance both your insulin levels and hormones so that you will lose weight while not even trying. Stop starving your body. You only slow your metabolism down when you cut way back on calories and your food intake.

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2. Drinking Green Tea Will Help You Lose Weight

Well, this one is true; however, there is one big catch that most people don’t know. When we talk about the health benefits of green tea, we are talking about the green tea you make fresh at home — NOT the green tea that you buy in the supermarket that comes in a “healthy” glass bottle. Have you ever read the labels on some of those products? They are pasteurized, which means that they have been super-heated to kill germs. This does kill germs; however, it also kills a great deal of the health benefits. Almost all of them contain high fructose corn syrup sweetener or aspartame, artificial colors and artificial flavors. Not exactly the healthy drink you had in mind, now is it? Make your own green tea at home for super health benefits as well as a big boost to your metabolism, which can help you to drop pounds naturally.


3. Eating Fat Makes You Fat

Did anyone ever tell you that fat is NOT a four letter word? Although mainstream health experts have demonized “fat” as the source of Americans becoming fat, the truth is that we are fatter than ever before. Studies have compared identical calorie diets, one that was high-fat, low-carb and the other-high sugar, low-fat. The subjects on the high fat diets burned an extra 300 calories each day and lost weight, even though both groups consumed the same amount of calories. Healthy fats, such as the kind in nuts, coconut oil, and avocados, are the preferred fuel for the cells in the body. Trans fats are another issue entirely. Those types of fats, such as the kind found in donuts and French fries, are dangerous to your health and should be avoided at all costs. Eat more of healthy, natural fats such as olive oil, nut butters, coconut oil, avocados, seeds, and nuts to lose weight naturally and give your body energy to burn!

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4. To Lose Weight, You Must Give Up Alcohol

It is a fact that alcoholic drinks contain high amounts of sugar. The body converts sugar into fat, which is why beer drinkers tend to get that “beer belly.” Although excessive alcohol consumption will cause you to pile on pounds over time, moderate alcohol consumption of wine or hard liquor (sorry, beer!) has numerous health benefits. The key here is the word moderation. This means one drink (five ounces of wine, or one ounce of hard liquor) for women each day and two drinks each day for men. Any more than that is flirting with danger.


5. It’s All In Your Genes

People will tell you (or perhaps you tell yourself) that because your mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa was fat, that is why you are fat. In the genetic game of life, you drew the fat card. Well, there is some truth in that statement. Genetics do play a part in your body shape, but it isn’t the bottom line. What is much more likely true is that your parents ate and cooked in a certain manner (such as lots of pasta, sweets, or fried foods), and you learned your cooking skills and eating habits from your parents. Obesity is caused by poor food choices much more so than our genes. If you ate nothing but cabbage soup and water for a month, it’s guaranteed that you would lose weight, no matter what your genes were.

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6. A Calorie Is A Calorie

This is where counting calories fails miserably. Imagine this for one minute; you have a choice about consuming 1,000 calories a day — either 1,000 calories of broccoli or 1,000 calories of soda. Do you think you would feel full and satisfied with 1,000 calories of soda? Do you think you would gain weight? What about the broccoli? A calorie is definitely NOT a calorie. This is why you should be concerned with the quality of your food, rather than the quantity. If you focus your diet on whole foods such as wild caught fish, organic fruits and vegetables, olive oil, organic, free range chicken and eggs, seeds, nuts, and whole grains such as oats, you will never have to count calories ever again.


7. Focus On Low Fat Or Whole Grains

Americans can choose from tons of low fat foods. Sometimes it seems as if everything is low fat! Has that made us thinner? Absolutely not! Why? To make up for the lack of flavor that fat adds to foods, manufacturers have added sugar. Americans consumption of sugar has doubled in the past 30 years! Low fat does NOT equal healthy.

While we are at it, let’s talk about “whole grain.” This is another key word that makes many of us buy certain foods: If it has whole grains it must be healthy, right? Whole grain Pop Tarts? Whole grain Cocoa Puffs? Seriously? When companies boast that their foods come from whole grains, what they are really saying is that they might have started with whole grains, but they pulverized them and processed them until they became a mash of white flour with nothing healthy remaining. If a food has to boast that it has whole grains, you should probably steer clear.

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8. If You Want The Weight To Stay Off, You Must Lose It Slowly

This is another statement that is only partially true. A jumpstart on your weight loss program will often reboot your metabolism, forcing it to burn fat right away. You will reset your hormones and your brain chemistry by immediately detoxing from sugar, fast foods, and junk foods.

After this, however, it is important to eat enough calories that your lose about two pounds a week. Losing too much weight to quickly often leads to gallstones and other health problems. For many people, a low calorie diet is also the quickest way to fail. You will feel fatigued and have food cravings that you won’t be able to deny.

So go ahead and start off with a three-day or five-day fast. Clear out those toxins and get a head start on your diet. Don’t return to the junk food and fast food; however, but eat plenty of healthy foods from Mother Nature so that you lose weight gradually and naturally.


9. Drink Diet Soda Instead Of Regular Soda

It sounds logical: Trade in those sugar filled sodas for sodas that contain few, if any, calories. However, if you haven’t heard, diet soda is far worse than regular sugar-filled sodas could ever be. In fact, one study involving more than 66,000 women over a 14-year period found that the women who consumed just one diet soda each day had a 33 percent increased risk of developing diabetes. Two sodas each day increased that risk by a whopping 66 percent. Diet soda slows the metabolism and only makes your body crave more sugar. There are plenty of other health risks associated with diet sodas as well. No matter how you look at it, avoid diet sodas (regular sodas as well!) at all costs.

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10. Anyone Can Lose Weight With A Little Willpower

If you try to control your appetite through willpower alone, you will fail — no doubt about it. You might be able to do it for a short period of time, but your body’s natural instinct for survival will override any willpower you think you have.


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Once you remove the addicting substances that make you crave more foods that pile on the pounds, such as sugar and refined carbs, you will find that you don’t need willpower. You won’t even need to eat less. You simply need to start eating right.

Make your focus a natural, nutrient-dense diet filled with foods very much like your grandmother or great grandmother ate. You will be shocked at just how easily the weight falls off and how full you feel every single day.