Top 10 Rainforest Aphrodisiacs

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Photo credit: bigstock

For decades, many environmentalists have been at war over the deforestation that is happening in the words rainforests, especially in the Amazon. Biological researchers state that since only about 1 percent of the plants in the rainforest have been studied for their medicinal properties, this loss is more than just regrettable, it’s devastating to mankind.

Even though many of the plants of the rainforest remain a mystery to modern science, we do have knowledge about some of them and the benefits they can offer us. The following 10 plants have been used by the folk healers of South America as well as the shamans from the Amazon as plants that contain properties that we might call “love enhancements”, or aphrodisiacs.


1. Guarana

You might have heard about this one or seen it advertised. In the Amazon rainforest, guarana is an indigenous plant that has clusters of red fruit. This has been an important fruit to the native Indians because they believe it has black “eyes” that open as the fruit ripens. These “eyes’ are actually the seeds that become visible when the fruit is ripe and splits open. Guarana is said to stimulate energy levels, reduce pain, calm the nerves, and to stimulate the libido. It’s often sold in America as a natural way to boost energy and lose weight but in Brazil, guarana is added to smoothies to slow aging and cure headaches. Guarana is a top seller for many indigenous Amazonian tribes and is helping improve their lives.


2. Picho Huavo

The scientific name here is siparuna guianensis, but it’s commonly called picho huavo. This is a common tree in both the Andes’s cloud forests as well as the rainforests of the Amazon.  The fruit and leaves of this plant are the parts that can be used and they are highly prized for the lemony smell they give off when they are crushed into potions for love. Men use the potion on the body, rubbing it in all over. They believe it makes them sexually irresistible. The native Kubeo Indians use the leaves for the treatment of snakebites as they have powerful compounds that can reduce fevers. Generally, however, it’s the trees sweet smell that makes it an extremely popular aphrodisiac.


3. Yohimbe

You might have heard of this one too as it’s often sold over the counter as a dietary supplement to help treat sexual dysfunction. Yohimbe is literally enhancing love lives all around the world this plant is an alkaloid stimulant that has aphrodisiac effects. The active ingredient is also found naturally in a plant known as Indian Snakeroot. Yohimbe has been shown in animal studies to work well with rats, actually reversing sexual dysfunction in rats and allowing them to continue sexual activities to the point of exhaustion. For dogs, the effects of yohimbe last as long as 5 hours after injection and increased the volume of ejaculated semen. Yohimbe has also been found to treat men who had orgasmic dysfunction.

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