Top 10 Rainforest Aphrodisiacs

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

4. Rosewood Oil

This oil comes from, as you might have guessed, rosewood trees, more scientifically known as aniba canelilla. This oil is highly valued in South American countries as a great aphrodisiac for women. Although native to the Amazon, rosewood oil is believed to stop “frigidity” for women. This oil has a spicy, floral scent that is very popular although environmentalists are against cutting down these trees as they are causing great damage to the rainforest itself by doing so. Rosewood oil is known to reduce acne, cure headaches, and reduce fevers. The bark and fruit from these trees are also used for many other types of folk remedies.


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5. Damiana

This is a small shrub that has fruits that are similar to figs. They have small, yet aromatic flowers that bloom in the late summer season. The plant itself is often said to have a spicy smell that reminds many of chamomile. This smell is from an oil in the plant itself. The leaves are taken while the plant is flowering as this is the time when the plants potency is at its maximum.The Tea has been made from the leaves as well as being used as incense which the native people of South America say causes you to relax.  This plant has long been used as an aphrodisiac as the Spanish missionaries first wrote that they saw the natives in what is now Mexico, drinking damiana tea for this purpose.  There has recently been some scientific evidence to back up these claims that damiana stimulates the libido. Several studies that have used animal’s subjects showed evidence of increased sexual activity in important male rats as well as an overall increase in sexual activity in both male and female rats.


6. Passionflower

There is good reason this flower has this name! The libido enhancing powers of passionflower are in its leaves, stem, and the vine itself, not just its name. Besides its reputation as a love enhancer, passionflower is known to decrease pain, relieve depression, and kill germs. This plant is thought to increase the libido while still maintaining a calming effect. Native people in the Amazon call this plant maracuja, but it also grows in many South American countries. There is scientific evidence that showed that this plant does indeed boost the libido, at least for mice. It also increased their sperm count and improved their sexual function after eating an extract from the leaves. Even the flowers themselves have long been thought of as seductive in nature and are well-known for their lush beauty.


7. Huanarpo Macho

Ok, any plant with “macho” in the name has got to have something going for it, right? Even its scientific name brings sex to mind; jatropha aphrodisiaca. This is a medium sized shrub or very small tree that grows just about everywhere in the Amazonian Maranon River Valley. With its reddish-orange colored flowers, this plant has long been associated with the male libido. This plant is also very popular in Brazil, and is known in Peru as the “Peruvian Viagra”. It’s been used for years in folk medicine for those suffering from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. The main medicinal compounds appear to be in the young branches. This plant is also known for its ability to increase energy levels, calm the nerves, and support renal function.

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