Top 12 Reasons Some People Look Older Than Their Actual Age

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4. Sleep Positions

Believe it or not, sleeping with your face pressed against the pillow forms small lines and wrinkles that will eventually become permanently etched on your face. Sleeping on your side will cause wrinkles to appear on the cheeks and chin area. Ideally, sleeping on your back is the best way to stop wrinkles that form from creases that occur when you sleep in other positions. However, sleeping on your back, for most people, means more snoring. Try to sleep on your back as much as possible and buy a satin pillowcase, which is easier on the skin, for the times that you are sleeping in other positions.


5. A Low-Protein Diet

A low-protein diet means that you are basically living on simple carbs, which your body turns into sugar. This can cause the connective tissues of the skin to become rigid and hard. Your body needs protein to make tissues that support the skin and keep it soft. Without protein, your body cannot produce elastin fibers, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, all of which are vital for the appearance of fresh, youthful skin. Eat more protein, especially complete proteins, for younger-looking skin.


6. Depression

You might not think that your state of mind has anything to do with the aging of your skin, but it does! Prolonged feelings of depression have been found in studies to cause a shortening of our telomeres, which are the very ends of our DNA strands. When our telomeres become shorter, this affects the DNA in every cell in the body, stopping the division of cells and premature cell death. This causes an accelerated gain of cells in the tissues of the body where cells divide rapidly and provide new growth. This would be the skin and hair. Depression also interferes with hormone production, increasing stress hormones.  Many people with depression also neglect themselves in other ways, such as not eating properly, not getting enough sleep, and neglecting their personal hygiene. There are numerous ways you can naturally deal with depression. Try some of the many herbal supplements available (such as St. John’s Wort), or see your doctor if your depression is severe or has lasted longer than six months.

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