Top 5 Reasons To Munch More Green Vegetables (Not Only The Leafy Greens We Mean!)

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2. Prevent vision problems

According to UNICEF, the deficiency of vitamin A is “the leading cause of preventable childhood blindness.” This deficiency also raises the death risk from common childhood conditions such as diarrhea. UNICEF believes that  addressing this deficiency is critical to reducing child mortality.

Due to the unique function of vitamin A and its influence on our eyes, one of the first signs of this type of deficiency is worsening vision, especially in reduced light (the so-called night blindness). People in glasses do look smart, but at what costs? You can try to improve your diet with the following green foods to improve your vision. Broccoli leaf gives 89% of the daily required intake, kale gives 76%, collard greens have 64%, dandelion greens contain 56%, spinach has 52%, and peas, broccoli florets, green bell peppers give just under 10% each.

You should mind two factors though. The first is that vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means in the case of low-fat diets it gets absorbed times less. It means that if you accompany your kale salad with a piece of delicious chicken breast, you’ll get the most of the vitamin A from kale. And the second factor is zinc, which also has great influences on the proper absorption of vitamin A. Read All About Zinc here.

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