Top 5 Reasons To Munch More Green Vegetables (Not Only The Leafy Greens We Mean!)

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3. Make you strong

Usually, when we speak about iron-rich foods, we think of the red meat and poultry. The good news is that a number of vegetables contain iron too. Beans, pistachios, and leafy vegetables — with the spinach standing out– are the best sources of iron among vegetables. If you feel unexplained weakness, fatigue, and lack of energy, it may be one of the signs of an iron deficiency. Try to replenish your meals and snacks with the green stuff and you’ll notice how quickly your optimism and happiness are coming to you!

Green vegetables help to increase the levels of hemoglobin. Iron is the mineral that ensures proper production of hemoglobin, the molecule in your blood which carries oxygen. Oxygen is vital for maintaining the sound health of your skin cells, nails and hair. No wonder  that another area that’s associated with lack of iron is hair loss. You may want to look at this infographic which presents 15 foods that are super rich in iron.

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