Top 6 Foods That Can Relieve Headaches

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Everyone gets a headache now and then, but if you are one of those who suffer from migraines or recurring headaches, you might actually have a diet related trigger that is causing your pain. See more information about headaches.

You can try to eliminate different foods and drinks and see if you can determine what your trigger is, or you can try one of the six foods listed below. Although they may not make your headache magically disappear, but eaten regularly, they might prevent the next one.


1.  Almonds

A small research study has shown that magnesium seems to give some help in preventing migraines, although they don’t stop them once they have started.

Try adding some almonds to your daily diet as a preventive measure. Almonds are a good source of magnesium, with 80 mgs per serving.

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2.  Spinach

Another great reason to eat your greens.

Spinach is full of riboflavin, a B vitamin that has been shown to prevent migraine headaches.

Spinach also has been shown to decrease blood pressure, which might also help with your headache.

Try adding fresh, organic spinach leaves to your salad for some headache relief.  So follow Popeye’s lead and eat your spinach!


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3. Caffeine

Sometimes that’s all a headache is, a screaming call from your body demanding its caffeine fix.

If you have a caffeine addiction, and you don’t get your daily cup of coffee, a headache is sure to follow.

The caffeine in coffee reduces the size of the blood vessels in your head, thereby reducing your headache pain.  Now if you want to dump your coffee addiction, don’t go cold turkey.

Wean yourself off coffee slowly, over the course of several days, or even a couple weeks.

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4.  Fatty Fish

Ah, those omega-3 fatty acids are showing their benefits once again.

The anti-inflammatory properties in the omega -3 fatty acids that are in fish, can actually reduce the pain of chronic headaches, this from a study done in 2013.

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5. Potatoes

Potassium goes a long way towards reducing headache pain, and despite the bananas reputation for being high in potassium, it’s actually the potato, (including the skin of course) that has a whopping 926 milligrams of potassium, more than double what you would find in a banana.

So eat those spuds and watch your headache fade away.

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6. Watermelon

Sometimes your headache is just a sign from your body that it’s dehydrated.

Now reaching for a cold glass of water might be your first reaction, but foods with high water content, such as watermelon or cucumbers, can help a lot. Besides water, watermelon offer essential minerals that we need when we become dehydrated such as potassium and magnesium.

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Of course you can always do the usual routine, turn out the lights, draw the blinds, pop a pain pill, lie down and wait until it’s over.

But why not try a more natural way to eliminate your pain and add some of these items to your shopping list and see if you can eat your way to a pain free day.