Top 9 Reasons why You Should Change to a Plant Based Diet

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First off, let’s get right to the point that plant based does not meant vegan. It means what it says; plant based. Which means most of your foods are coming from plants but eating a modest amount of fish or lean meat is perfectly acceptable. When you choose a diet that’s heavily based in plants (which means fruits and veggies) you are sure to help ward off those chronic diseases and lose weight.

Check out our list of reasons why you should go the all-out plant based route when it comes to your diet!


1.  The Prevention of Diabetes

According to the International Diabetes Federation, about 370 million people are currently living with diabetes and that is expected rise by the year 2030 to about 550 million. Diabetes is almost entirely preventable and there is a great deal of research that suggests that eating a diet that is plant based can help prevent Type 2 diabetes.


2. Good for Your Heart

Research done at Harvard tracked the habits of 110,000 subjects for more than 14 years and they discovered that the more veggies and fruits people ate, the lower their risk of developing heart disease.  In fact, those who ate at least 8 servings of produce per day were 30 percent less likely to have a stroke or heart attack when compared to those who ate less than 2 servings per day.


3. Vision Value

Your eyes will certainly thank you for eating all those healthy vitamins, such as vitamin A, lutein, and zeaxanthin that are in a plant based diet. Eating plenty of carrots, kale, corn, grapes, spinach, kiwi, and squash will give you better vision, especially at night and as you age.

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4. Super Digestion

All that fiber in plants will help to keep you regular, preventing constipation and aiding your digestion.  When you chow down on organic fruits and veggies, you are filling your body with healthy fiber, which is proven to help reduce your risk of colon cancer.


5. Lower Your Blood Pressure

You can lower your blood pressure naturally by several points, simply by changing to a plant based diet. Many fruits and veggies are loaded with potassium, which counteracts the salt in your diet, lowering your blood pressure.


6. Super Skin

Many, many people, after they have adopted a plant based diet, comment that their skin condition is better than it has ever been in their lives. If you struggle with acne or dry skin, and have tried every cream, wash, lotion, soap, and astringent on the market and nothing works, try cutting down on the dairy and focus on a plant based diet. The fiber, vitamins, and anti-oxidants in produce will rid your body of toxins and give you clear, soft, glowing skin.

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7. Fewer Free Radicals

Even though this is a benefit you may not see with your eyes right away, it will show up later. Free radicals cause premature aging such as wrinkles. They have also been linked to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and certain types of cancer. One research study, published in 2010 in the journal Science, found that by decreasing free radicals and limiting oxidative damage to cells, fruit flies had vastly extended life spans.


8. Lower Cholesterol Levels

Meat and dairy are high in fats and cholesterol. When you cut way back on the consumption of these items, your cholesterol levels will take a huge nose dive and can even prevent you from having to take medication. It might be hard for some of you to stop thinking about eating eggs or drinking milk most mornings, but take it slow and make small changes, and you will become accustomed to it.


9.  Big Weight Loss

You will seriously tip the scale in your weight loss favor by adopting a plant based diet. You don’t have to go all out vegan to get this benefit, just stop eating a lot of the carbs, meat, and dairy and you will not only rid your body of toxins, but you will drop a serious amount of weight.  You will still need to make smart food choices, of course, as eating tons of soy ice cream, vegan or cheesy pizzas, isn’t going to do your waistline any good.

What is a good food choice? The four food markers: is it plant based, whole, nutrient dense, and a healthy source of fat? If it’s not at least two of the four above markers, better make another choice.

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