Top Amazing Uses for Colloidal Silver

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Take a look at all the terrific ways you can start using colloidal silver today.

1.  Spray it directly on shingles to stop the pain and encourage rapid healing of the sores.

2. Spray it directly on burns to stop infections before they start and to promote faster healing.

3. Brush your teeth with it to stop tooth decay and the plaque buildup that comes from bacteria.

4. Soak your feet to kill athlete’s foot and that ugly toenail fungus.

5.  Apply silver topically to stop vaginal yeast infections.

6. Rinse with colloidal silver to kill oral thrush.

7. Take one teaspoon morning and night when you feel a cold or flu coming on.

8. Colloidal silver is great to combat MRSA infections. You usually get these infections when you are at the hospital or when visiting jailed inmates.

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