Top Amazing Uses for Colloidal Silver

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Before the introduction of antibiotics in the 1930s, silver was a prime anti-fungal and an effective, natural, antibiotic. That was until Big Pharma found that there was considerably more revenue to be made in antibiotics.

Unfortunately, the more and more antibiotics are created and used, the more microbes evolve to become resistant to them. Antibiotic use destroys the good bacteria in your gut, along with the bad, and this lowers your immunity. Read more about 7 shocking reasons why you should ditch antibiotics.

Silver, on the other hand, not only kills pathogens, it promotes a more rapid healing of infected tissues. In fact, almost all burn centers use some type of silver, or silver coated bandages for burn victims to promote healing and stop infections.

Colloidal silver is really made up of silver atoms suspended in distilled, ion free water. These particles are so small that they can penetrate the body at a cellular level and kill all types of pathogens including viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, even parasites.

Now you might have heard some wild stores about people turning blue or grey from colloidal silver and although these are true, they are extremely minor in nature. It’s true that if you consume too much colloidal silver for too long a period of time, it does tint your skin a blue-grey color, so take colloidal silver as directed. Two teaspoons per day is all you need and that small of an amount won’t turn you blue. Warning consumers about the one or two people who have managed to consume enough silver to make their skin blue is mostly for the shock factor, to keep you buying Big Pharma’s products and not consider trying anything that won’t put money in their pockets.

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Take a look at all the terrific ways you can start using colloidal silver today.

1.  Spray it directly on shingles to stop the pain and encourage rapid healing of the sores.

2. Spray it directly on burns to stop infections before they start and to promote faster healing.

3. Brush your teeth with it to stop tooth decay and the plaque buildup that comes from bacteria.

4. Soak your feet to kill athlete’s foot and that ugly toenail fungus.

5.  Apply silver topically to stop vaginal yeast infections.

6. Rinse with colloidal silver to kill oral thrush.

7. Take one teaspoon morning and night when you feel a cold or flu coming on.

8. Colloidal silver is great to combat MRSA infections. You usually get these infections when you are at the hospital or when visiting jailed inmates.

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9. There has even been some success using silver with those suffering from AIDS. Although there is no proof colloidal silver will help with the AIDS virus itself, it has been shown to add a much needed extra layer of protection while killing existing pathogens in the body.

10. Putting two drops twice per day into your eyes will kill sties, pink eye, and other types of eye infections overnight.

11. Spray it directly onto insect bites to instantly stop the itching and ease the pain. It can also prevent infection from developing.

12. Spray or dab silver directly onto boils, herpes mouth sores, warts, and ringworm to help them heal faster.

13. Putting a few drops in your ears will stop ear infections and the pain that goes along with them and without any side effects.

14. Taking a teaspoon per day as a tonic will give you what some people have called a ‘second immune system.’

15. For those with walking pneumonia or other types of bronchial problems, put colloidal silver in a nebulizer and breathe it directly into your lungs and bronchial tubes.

Always buy your colloidal silver from a reputable source, as many people find that they have paid top dollar only to discover that they have only bought ionic silver or silver protein. Although silver protein is, technically, a form of colloidal silver, it generally has the smallest amount of silver concentration and it is not as effectively absorbed by the body.


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True, high quality colloidal silver contains between 50 to 80 percent particles, with the remainder being silver ions. True colloidal silver will not appear to be clear water, as some will try to tell you. Colloidal silver that has sufficient concentration of particles stop light from passing through, which should make the liquid appear to be a darker color.