Top Foods and Other Issues That Are Giving You Headaches

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Photo credit: bigstock

7. Lack of Sleep

If you aren’t getting your Z’s, you might be asking for a headache. Try to keep regular hours for sleeping and get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. Read more about secret tips to sleep better.


8. Alcohol

Some headaches are caused by a lack of hydration and oxygenation to your brain. Beer and other alcoholic drinks cause dehydration. Beer is especially problematic, as it has high levels of CO2, which is another trigger. Cut back or cut out alcohol for a few weeks and see if the number of headaches you get diminishes.


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9. Chocolate

This is another one that sounds yummy but might have you clutching your throbbing head later on. The International Headache Society recently showed research that cocoa can prevent migraine headaches, but many people list chocolate as one of their main headache triggers.


10. Aged Cheese

This is another one where there isn’t much research to go on, but which many people list as their headache trigger. Aged cheeses include cheeses such as cheddar, blue cheese, and provolone. All of these cheeses contain tyramine, an amino acid that occurs naturally and increases when foods are aged. The longer cheese ages, the more tyramine they contain.

Sometimes it’s food allergies or sensitivity that cause headaches, and chances are good that you might have more than one. Some of the most common food allergies or sensitivities are cane sugar, eggs, citrus fruit, yeast, corn, wheat, and cow’s milk. If you know you have issues with these foods, then eliminating these from your diet could go a long way towards stopping those annoying, painful headaches. Read also about foods that can relieve headaches.


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