Top 6 Foods That Can Relieve Headaches

Almond Nut

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Everyone gets a headache now and then, but if you are one of those who suffer from migraines or recurring headaches, you might actually have a diet related trigger that is causing your pain. See more information about headaches.

You can try to eliminate different foods and drinks and see if you can determine what your trigger is, or you can try one of the six foods listed below. Although they may not make your headache magically disappear, but eaten regularly, they might prevent the next one.


1.  Almonds

A small research study has shown that magnesium seems to give some help in preventing migraines, although they don’t stop them once they have started.

Try adding some almonds to your daily diet as a preventive measure. Almonds are a good source of magnesium, with 80 mgs per serving.

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