Top Kitchen Items that make Perfect Natural Home Remedies

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Have you ever taken a good hard look at your medicine cabinet? Is it overflowing with over the counter drugs, remedies, and prescription drugs? Take a look at those over the counter remedies- do you remember when and why you bought them? Do you remember how expensive they were? Do you remember if they even worked or not?

Many over the counter remedies are expensive and contain synthetic chemicals. Some are based on natural plant remedies, others are purely chemical in nature. Your body really doesn’t need chemicals for healing, synthetic or otherwise. Many common ailments can be cured right from items you most likely have right in your kitchen.

Take a look at the top kitchen items that can cure many common problems.


1.  Used Tea Bags

Tea bags contain tannins and caffeine that help to reduce swelling and inflammation. They can also be used to stop bleeding from a cut. Read more about top 20 useful ways to reuse and recycle old tea bags.


2. Olive oil

This is a great way to moisture dry hair. Apply a bit of olive oil to your hair before bed (cover it with a towel or shower cap) and then wash regularly in the morning. You can also rub some into your feet then put on some cotton socks before you go to bed for super soft feet in the morning.


3. Papaya

For upset tummies, this is a tasty way to soothe them. This is especially good for kids who don’t want to drink peppermint or ginger tea. Have them eat fresh papaya or drink organic, unsweetened papaya juice. For adults, papaya can help stop gas and bloating too.

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