Treat 10 Common Summertime Problems With This One Ingredient!

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8.  Stops Poison Ivy

If you have ever had a brush with poison ivy, then you know the terrible rash and painful itching it can give you. Along with that rash, many people also get little blisters that allow this rash to spread very easily.

You can stop the itching and encourage the rash to heal by applying a bit of coconut oil to the affected area two or three times each day. Anytime you feel this rash start to itch, put a dab of coconut oil on the area rather than scratch it.


9. Stops Dry and/or Itchy Skin

Just one day in the hot summertime temperatures can leave your skin feeling dry, scaly, and itchy.  Dehydration and the super dry air from air conditioners can make this problem worse.

You can seal in your skin’s natural moisture by using coconut oil. After your shower, apply a thin layer of coconut oil to help seal in the moisture from your shower. You can apply more coconut oil during the day or later in the evening if you spend a great deal of time outdoors or in air conditioned rooms.


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10.  Soothes Prickly Heat or Heat Rash

Those hot, humid summer days can cause excessive sweating, which irritates the skin and can result in heat rash, which is sometimes called prickly heat. Prickly heat can cause stinging or prickly sensations along with intense itchiness and small red bumps on the skin.

Coconut oil stops itching as it penetrates the skin easily. It also stops inflammation and can prevent infection. Warm two tablespoons of coconut oil and apply this to the affected area two or three times each day to get relief from the pain and itch of heat rash.

Enjoy warmer summertime weather while it’s here and make coconut oil a regular part of your life so that the little things, like sunburn and bug bites, don’t put a damper on your fun.


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