A Visit to the Salon Could Damage Your Health, Can It?

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Not only clients face salon hazards

Recent research on the daily hazards faced by the employees and technicians of beauty salons and came up with some surprising results. Most of those who participated in the surveys reported work-related histories of eye, nose, skin, and throat symptoms.

Very few workers reported that they regularly used personal protective equipment while performing their duties.

Although these employees received adequate training to do their jobs, unfortunately the medium of instruction was English, which is not always the mother tongue. Concerns were raised about how much the trainees actually understood the information being presented.


Improvements are needed

The School of Public Health which monitors the training and careers of cosmetology, which includes hair styling, barbering, nail care, and skin care, has recommended that technicians in beauty salons be made fully aware of the dangers they work with every day.

  • Employers are required to ensure that workers use eye protection equipment and gloves appropriate to the chemicals being used.
  • If necessary technicians must also use respiratory protection masks
  • All employees must always use safe work practices to avoid normal and accidental exposure to harmful substances.

Salon owners should have a suitable ventilation systems with a fan powerful enough to move contaminated air out through the system – installed and maintained by a professional company.


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Being aware of potential hazards in beauty salons is not designed to scare anyone off. Visiting a beauty salon is meant to be a pleasant experience. Knowing that your visit is safe in all respects, can help to make your experience at the salon even more enriching.




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