Why Do Antiseptics Sting Open Cuts?

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So what is the best way to treat an open wound?

Despite the fact that an antiseptic applied to an open wound may sting, that is not the only reason it makes a bad choice as a healing agent. When you have an open wound, it is not only the wound itself that is being addressed, but the thing that caused the wound, such as a knife, tree branch, the cement sidewalk. All of them carry their own level of bacteria that could affect the wound itself.

Many doctors feel that the priority should be in cleaning the area. A mild soap and water mixture or water mixed with some salt to create a saline solution will be far more effective than an antiseptic. Many health professionals feel the antiseptics are too harsh and could actually do more harm to the skin than healing.

If the wound is bleeding, you should apply pressure until it stops. Keep the wound covered and make sure it is moist so that the new skin has a chance to grow over it. A covered wound can heal in half the time as one that is exposed to the air and elements.


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Even though you may have always reached for the alcohol or peroxide to treat a cut or a wound, you won’t have to wince the next time you have to administer treatment. Cleaning it out is the most important thing and using the right products will speed up your recovery.




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