Why You Should Add Fenugreek To Your Diet

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4. Diabetes

One of the major discoveries in trials using fenugreek was that just being used two times a day lowered the blood sugar levels much more than those taking a placebo. The glucose tolerance level in those with type 1 diabetes also improved and the blood sugar levels in those with type 2 diabetes also improved. A study that observed 140 people who were prediabetic showed the group taking the fenugreek had only a 4.2 chance of getting the diabetes after a three year period.


5. Cholesterol Levels

After many studies, it was found that fenugreek seeds were able to eliminate triglycerides and cholesterol from being absorbed into the blood stream. This ultimately lowered the levels of the serum cholesterol as well as the total cholesterol levels.


6. Specific Cancers

Fenugreek has been found to have agents that are active in having properties that are able to treat cancer. A substance found in fenugreek called diosgenin had anti-cancer results on the following lines of cancer: pancreatic, breast cancer, colon, and prostate. Using fenugreek in another study proved there was a lower amount of growth in the tumors in some cancer cells by up to 40%.


7. Menstruation

Many women suffer from severe and painful pains from their menstrual period. Women who tried using fenugreek to treat their symptoms found much relief without any bad side effects from the herb. The level of pain was much lower and the group using fenugreek had less nausea, tiredness, headaches, and vomiting.

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