Will An Apple A Day Really Keep The Doctor Away?

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

2. Heart healthy

High cholesterol levels raise a person’s chances of having a heart attack. Apples have antioxidant properties that help to protect the heart. A study from 2012 that was published in the Journal of Functional Foods proved that those who consumed an apple a day over a 4-week period found their bad cholesterol or LDL levels came down by up to 40% as opposed to those who did not eat apples. Another clinical trial by The Women’s Health Study observed 40,000 women who ate an apple each day and found they had a decreased risk of heart problems by up to 22%.


3. Reduces type 2 diabetes

If there is one thing that always comes up when talk of dieting is being discussed, it is to eat more servings of fruits and vegetables. A study in 2013 that was conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, showed that participants who consumed two apples, two servings of grapes, or two servings of blueberries every day enjoyed a 23% lower chance of getting diabetes than those who consume less than one serving of fruits in a month.


4. Promotes healthy bones and skin

Apple benefits for skin are innumerate. This fruit has everything it takes to keep skin healthy and bones strong. One medium apple has around 14% of the amount of vitamin C that is recommended on a daily basis. In addition, they also have vitamin B. Both of these vitamins work to increase the production of skin cells. They also help to heal irritations and work to resolve issues with acne. Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples, in particular, have higher levels of elastin which keeps the skin firm and reduces wrinkles. In addition, apples have been found to help women who are menopausal from getting osteoporosis due to the flavonoid phlorizin that it contains.

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