You Never Knew This Veggie Is The New Detoxifying Food

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2. Natural detoxifying properties

A Johns Hopkins University study found that broccoli sprouts contain detoxifying nutrients that can help fight the buildup of harmful compounds in the body. Most of the heavy lifting when it comes to detoxification is done by the liver and the kidneys, and it was long thought that diet did not play much of a role. But as scientists learned more about nutrition, it became clear that eating certain foods could actually help these organs do their jobs better, and improve health.


3. Broccoli sprouts fight against cancer

A study was conducted in China to determine whether or not there was a relationship between taking in broccoli sprouts and reducing levels of carcinogenic compounds. Many large cities in China are affected by severe air pollution, which in turn leads to increased risks of various forms of cancer. The study, which involved over 300 participants, found that broccoli sprouts actually helped detoxify carcinogenic chemicals in the body. Researchers found that participants who ate broccoli sprouts saw their levels of the carcinogen acrolein reduced by 23 percent, and levels of benzene, another compound linked to cancer, reduced by a whopping 61 percent.

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