You’re Not Eating Enough Peppers. Here’s Why

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2. They have lots of vitamins

Peppers are a great source of vitamins in general, although the exact composition and concentration will vary depending on the type of pepper you’re dealing with. Bell peppers rank quite high in this regard, with plenty of vitamin C, which boosts the immune system and helps ward off illness; vitamin A and E, which help protect the eyes and skin; and B6, which provides energy and maintains a healthy nervous system.


3. Anti-inflammatory goodness

Inflammation is a natural physiological reaction by your body to defend against disease or injury. The problem is that the modern diet is filled with all kinds artificial junk and unhealthy, inflammatory fats and compounds that can trigger this response in your body when it isn’t supposed to happen. Chronic inflammation can drastically increase your chances of developing serious diseases.

Luckily for you, peppers are here to the rescue. They contain an abundance of helpful phytonutrients and compounds like beta-carotene which help fight inflammation. They also have beneficial antioxidant properties, which protects your cells from oxidative stress and contribute toward a longer and healthier life.

The carotenoid compounds in peppers can even help to protect you from cancer! According to the International Journal on Cancer, women who ate at least two servings of foods rich in carotenoids each day were able to reduce their risk of breast cancer by 17 percent.


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What more proof do you need!? Peppers are cheap, tasty and super healthy! While many of the more popular superfoods like kale might outshine them, peppers certain hold their own when it comes to health benefits. And with all the variety in terms of flavor and spiciness, there’s truly something for everyone in the world of peppers.


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