10 Natural Ways To Quit Smoking

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3. Exercise

Tests have shown that participants who are interested in quitting smoking were able to successfully crave smoking less after 5 minutes of light to moderate exercise. Groups were tested after observing both groups and both showed major short term success as opposed to those who did nothing. If you are able to look at this as a short-term jump start you could actually begin to cut down and eventually stop smoking. Remember that exercise releases the endorphins that leave you with an elevated mood and a raised serotonin level.


4. Herbal supplements

Herbal supplements have been known to cure everything from insomnia to depression to nicotine addiction. Each person is different so you may want to give any of the following a try if you want to kick nicotine: St. John’s Wort, kava kava, ginseng, and lemon balm.


5. Acupuncture

After testing two groups – one group who was given actual acupuncture treatments in order to determine withdrawal symptoms as well as the ability to refrain from smoking; and the other group who were given sham acupuncture treatments. The test was able to prove that real acupuncture does indeed work and the recipients found it easier to stop smoking and had less withdrawal symptoms.

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