10 Natural Ways To Quit Smoking

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6. Meditation

Learning how to meditate is a powerful tool that can cut down on your stress levels and it can help to build your willpower. There was a study that was conducted at Yale University that showed that performing meditation, along with an attention to mindfulness, proved to be more effective at keeping people off cigarettes than an effective cigarette cessation program that has always worked well with keeping people off cigarettes.


7. Hypnosis

You can sign up to be hypnotized by a professional or you can look online and find subliminal signals that you can incorporate into your own mindset in order to quit smoking. Much of hypnosis is based on the power of suggestion. When you can calm yourself into a peaceful position and let yourself feel hypnotized in order to set yourself up to successfully quit smoking, you will be able to get yourself into this mindset whenever you need it.


8. Yoga

If you find that you have found a way to get off of smoking cigarettes and you are working hard on staying off of them, yoga that is performed twice a week by previous smokers has shown to keep them off cigarettes and smoke-free longer than others who quit and tried to stay off them for longer periods of time. Try taking a class or go online and find some poses you can do from a you tube video.

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