10 Places We Never Remember to Put Sunscreen

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6. Tops of Your Feet

Think about it, those flip flops are just bikini straps for your feet! If you have ever had sunburn on the top of your feet you know that it just might be the most painful place to get a sunburn EVER! Put sunscreen all around your feet, the back of your heels, between and on top of your toes, and the top of your feet, all the way to the ankle. (Don’t forget the ankle itself, either!)


7.  Back of Your Hands

Ok, so sunscreen can be greasy feeling so you wash your hands after applying, we get it. But if you do that, you are leaving your hands dangerously under protected. Although the palms of our hands and the soles of our feet have layers and layers of thick dead skin so they really don’t burn but the back of your hands aren’t so lucky. So rub your palms with a towel if you must but leave that sunscreen on your hands.


8. Back of Your Knees

This is another spot where sunburn is really nothing to laugh about! We remember to do our thighs and calves but what about the back of our knees? It’s kinda in the neutral zone, isn’t it? That place where no one goes? (If you’re a Star Trek fan, you know what we mean) Well, whatever the reason, no more neglecting the back of our knees! If you forget, you will never want to walk again!


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9. Lips

Your lower lip in particular has a special need for sunscreen love! It’s more than 12 times as likely to get cancer as your top lip.  There are plenty of lip balms with sunscreen, so there is no reason to not use it.  Men, this means you, too. Lip balm comes in unscented, and color free options so you can feel comfortable using it also.


10. Those Private Places

There is a really good reason we suggest getting nude when you apply sunscreen. Many women (and some men) like to “take it all off” when sunbathing. So if you put sunscreen around your bikini top, but then take OFF that bikini top for a little all-around tanning, you are risking some sunburn (and therefore, skin cancer) in some very private areas. This also goes for those Brazilian wax jobs you get, ladies. The reason for that is to show a little more skin, isn’t it? So don’t forget to put some sunscreen in those oh so sensitive areas that don’t usually see the sun.




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