10+ Proven Ways To Reduce Face Wrinkles Naturally

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4. Add more fish – especially salmon – to your diet.

Most cold-water fish –  especially salmon – is good for your body and especially good for your skin. The essential fatty acids in salmon also referred to as omega-3 plumps up the skin and keeps it nourished, young looking, and cuts down on wrinkles.


5. Reverse skin damage by eating more soy.

A study that was documented in the European Journal of Nutrition showed how a soy supplement kept the participant’s skin firm during the six months they took it. The supplement did also have protein from fish, white tea extract, extracts from tomatoes and grapeseed and many vitamins.


6. Stop smoking.

Smoking cigarettes is not only harmful to your overall health in general, it will increase the aging process. It was found that the smoke from cigarettes breaks down two major components in the skin by expelling an enzyme that reduces elastin and collagen. A study between a smoker and non-smoker found the skin on the smoker was around 40% thinner and more wrinkled than that of the non-smoker.

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