10+ Proven Ways To Reduce Face Wrinkles Naturally

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Everyone always wants to look their best and especially in America everyone wants to keep their skin looking youthful for as long as they can. Having a soft, clear, dewy complexion always makes women and men feel their best at all times. So how do you ward off impending wrinkles as you get older every year?

There are many extreme measures that many people take such as getting a face lift or having a little nip and tuck procedure done at a dermatologist’s office. But there are things that you can do simply and naturally to lower the amount of wrinkles you get on your face. The key is to find what works for you and make it a routine. The more you put your plan into action on a regular basis the longer your skin will maintain its youthful appearance. Here is our top list of tips below!


1. Stay out of the sun.

While many people believe that it is all up to your genes, a plastic surgeon in New York, Darrick Antell, MD, proved that exposing your skin to the sun will age you more than genetics. A comparison between twins found that the one who stayed out in the sun had more wrinkles than the one who did not. If you are going to go out in the sunshine, make sure you use the appropriate sunscreen.


2. Make sure you sleep on your back.

If you think it doesn’t matter the way you sleep, then the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) begs to differ. It was proven that when you sleep on your side you will find wrinkles appear on your chin and cheeks; sleeping in a face down position will furrow your brow. It is recommended you get your rest every night while laying on your back.


3. If you need glasses, wear them.

The AAD also suggests that if you wear glasses make sure you wear them. Going without glasses can cause squinting which will create grooves that turn into wrinkles. Never go out in the sun without sunglasses so you have the skin around your eyes protected from UV rays damage.

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4. Add more fish – especially salmon – to your diet.

Most cold-water fish –  especially salmon – is good for your body and especially good for your skin. The essential fatty acids in salmon also referred to as omega-3 plumps up the skin and keeps it nourished, young looking, and cuts down on wrinkles.


5. Reverse skin damage by eating more soy.

A study that was documented in the European Journal of Nutrition showed how a soy supplement kept the participant’s skin firm during the six months they took it. The supplement did also have protein from fish, white tea extract, extracts from tomatoes and grapeseed and many vitamins.


6. Stop smoking.

Smoking cigarettes is not only harmful to your overall health in general, it will increase the aging process. It was found that the smoke from cigarettes breaks down two major components in the skin by expelling an enzyme that reduces elastin and collagen. A study between a smoker and non-smoker found the skin on the smoker was around 40% thinner and more wrinkled than that of the non-smoker.

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7. Get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis.

Famous dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, MD found that the more rest you get the more human growth hormone (HGH) you will produce which keeps the skin less wrinkled and more supple. When you sleep, don’t put your head down into the pillow and make sure you get plenty of fresh air in your bedroom.


8. Instead of a cup of coffee reach for a hot mug of cocoa.

The Journal of Nutrition published the results of a study where researchers found that the participants who drank cocoa had smoother and better-looking skin. Cocoa has an abundance of two flavanols called catechin and epicatchin. These two were responsible for increasing the circulation of the cells on the skin and improved the level of hydration. They also kept the skin from becoming damaged due to exposure to the sun.


9. Load up on fruits and vegetables.

Most of these foods are high in antioxidants which means they prevent any damage that can be generated by free radicals. This will keep your skin looking young and hold you away from the effects of premature aging.


10. Cut down on washing your face.

Dermatologists who work at the Medical Center at the University of Maryland found that when you wash your face with water from the tap it removes the natural oils and moisture that keep the skin from wrinkling. Use a cleanser instead of soap and water to prevent this from happening.

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11. Practice facial massage.

When you apply your moisturizer it’s a good idea to perform a little facial massage on your skin. Use an upward motion and pay special attention around the eyes as you increase the circulate in your face.


12. Don’t sleep with your makeup on.

Make sure you gently remove your makeup at night before going to bed. This is a good time to put a night cream on to keep your skin hydrated while you sleep.


13. Give yourself a natural facial mask a couple of times a week.

Here are a couple of natural facial masks you can make at home:

  • An egg facial is simple and perfect for adding moisture to dry skin. Beat one egg and spread over your face; let it set for 30 minutes and rinse off.
  • Another mask that will add moisture, as well as exfoliate your skin, is combining lemon juice (from one lemon) with 1/4 cup of almond or olive oil. Rub it on your face, rinse, then apply your favorite moisturizer.


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14. Develop a regular routine for the care of your skin.

Choose some of the suggestions listed above and create a skin care regime that you can stick with. Remove your makeup every night, massage your skin, and give yourself a facial several times a week. Your skin will be looking young and wrinkle free in no time.