10 Ways to Instantly Start Eating Healthier

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Everyone wants to eat healthier, don’t they?  The problem is that we are so addicted to processed foods, sugar and salt, that dumping all the things that are unhealthy leave you feeling deprived or weak, some people even develop day long headaches because they are going through a type of withdrawal. In order to avoid these types of problems, the best way to begin eating healthier is to take those baby steps. Simply begin eating more of the foods which are healthy and there will be less room in your stomach for those that are unhealthy.

Check out our list of the top 10 easy ways to start eating healthier almost instantly.


1. Pick Healthy Snacks

It’s almost impossible to eat healthy foods when you don’t have any healthy choices. That’s why it’s important to always have some kind of healthy snack with you, no matter where you go, so you won’t be tempted by the vending machine when you are hungry.

Always have small bags of unsalted nuts, carrot sticks, quinoa crackers, string cheese, or a piece of fruit with you so no matter what, you have no excuse for not snacking smart. Read more about healthy snacks you should always have at hand.


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2. Buy Healthy

Of course it’s always easy to fall back on those unhealthy choices when they are there in the house.

Start off smart by not buying them to begin with! If you buy healthy food, you will eat healthy food.

Fill your cart, and your frig, with tons of fresh, organic fruits and veggies, whole grains, nuts, cheese, and other healthy snacks.

When you find healthy foods in your cupboard, you will find you are eating healthier effortlessly.

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3. Begin Adding Extra Nutrition

There are tons of nuts, seeds, and food supplements that are full of nutrition that you can easily add to whatever you are eating right now and make them healthier.

Sprinkle a few chia seeds on your cereal, salad, or yogurt (find out chia seeds benefits for your digestion).

Add some flaxseed oil to your veggies or salad dressing.

Add a handful of slivered almonds to your cereal, salad, veggies, or yogurt. The possibilities are almost endless and so are the health benefits.


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4. Shift to a Variety of Whole Grains

Give whole grain pasta a try or buckwheat pasta!

Go for different colored rice such as black or red.

Not only will you find a whole world of delicious flavors you never imagined, you will be getting a huge amount of nutrition that your body was lacking when you were eating those white flour or white rice options. Whole grains are a super source of fiber, too.

Read also about quinoa – a good grain.

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5. Healthy Dining Out

Everyone loves eating out now and then and what a great opportunity to try something new.

Instead of your usual restaurant, why not check out a whole foods, raw foods, or vegan restaurant next time around?

Who knows, you might just find your new favorite dish!

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6. Plan Your Meals

With today’s busy lifestyle, it’s easy to think you don’t have time to make healthy choices and just stop at the nearest fast food joint.

However, with just a little organization, you can plan healthy meals, and snacks, for the week and never have to worry about how you will find time to cook a healthy dinner for your family.

Many supermarkets and websites offer weekly planning tips and recipes, including the necessary shopping list, so you can always be prepared and have those tasty, healthy meals on the table in minutes.

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7. Eat More Raw Foods

Although there are a few foods that actually have a higher nutrient count after cooking, most foods are at their nutritional best fresh from nature.

Cooked and pasteurized foods and juices lose almost all their enzymes and vitamin C when subjected to high temperatures.

So juice raw, organic fruits and veggies, and eat lots of salads with raw, organic greens.

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8. Less Meat, More Sides

No one is saying you can’t eat meat if you really love it, but try cutting that serving in half and add one or two vegetable sides instead.

Have that pork steak, but add a double portion of squash and green beans.

Make lasagna with one extra layer of vegetables only, no meat.

The more veggies you add to your meals, the less carbs and meat you ingest. Oh, and don’t forget fresh, organic fruit for dessert!

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9. Give Yourself a Meal Upgrade

Healthy eating is not a new concept.

There are literally thousands of recipes that can help you eat healthier meals. Creative cooks everywhere have even made healthier options of your favorite comfort foods. Don’t shake your head! Be optimistic!

Worst case scenario says you’ve lost the ingredients for one meal and a few minutes of your time.

However, you could discover your favorite dish just got better. Try a lentil burger with salsa or a hummus, lettuce, and tomato sandwich for lunch. You never know if you don’t at least give it a try.


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10. Drink Healthy

Ok, so first off, you know you are going to have to wean yourself off those sodas. Try replacing one unhealthy drink per day with a healthier option, even if it’s just plain water.

Do this every day for one week, then try two healthy drinks, and so on.  Fresh, raw, organic juice and fresh fruit smoothies are all good choices as is freshly brewed green or black tea with lemon ( you can always make iced tea, too)

Even water with a squeeze of lemon and mint or the juice of half and orange and a few sliced strawberries. See 8 benefits of lemon water.

There is no end to the amount of flavors you can add to plain old water. So bottoms up, friends.