12 Natural Ways to Stop Stink Bugs (#5 is Super Easy)

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

9. Squish!

If you can stand the smell, squish some of them outside your home, near openings where they usually like to come into your house. The smell they put out warns other stink bugs to steer clear.


10. Traps

Hang stink bug traps or fly paper outside the windows and doors of your home to help trap them before they get inside.


11. Seal Cracks

Keep those ugly little stinkers outside by sealing all windows, doors, basement windows, foundation cracks, and any place where they might get in. The best way to deal with the stink is to not let them inside to begin with.


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12. Drown Them

Cut the top of a half-gallon or even a gallon jug and fill it halfway with soapy water. When you find stink bugs, inside or outside, use a piece of cardboard to whisk them into the water so that they drown. The water will hide their scent if they decide to let loose.

Although these pests are fairly new to the US, they are spreading quickly. You can help to save fruit crops by killing as many as possible and stopping them from overwintering in your attic by following some of the steps above. Good luck, and may the stink bugs avoid you!





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