14 Habits of the Super Organized

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8. Do It Now

When you walk in the door, don’t put your coat on the sofa, hang it up right now. You spend extra time and double the effort to put it on the sofa, then come back to it later, bring it to your room to hang it in your closet. Hang it up wherever it belongs right away.


9. Ask for Help

It’s not a crime or a weakness to delegate. You are not a superhero, no one expects you to do everything yourself every day. Avoid stress by asking for help when you need it. Your time is very valuable and things will run much more efficiently if work is more evenly distributed. This also applies at home. Teach your children to put their dishes in the dishwasher, their dirty clothes in the hamper, and to put their clean clothes in their proper place. Even 5 year olds can do simple tasks like put their toys away and put dirty clothes where they belong.


10. De-Stress

The most organized people always find time to let it all hang out, so to speak. Most of us are constantly rushing around, trying to accomplish everything on our list but organized people know that if they manage their stress effectively, they are more likely to get more done because they will feel better and will be operating at their best. Read also about foods that help relieve stress.


11. Keep Surfaces Clutter Free

Here is a good rule everyone should follow: If you use it every day, it can stay: if you don’t, then put it away. Think about which items you use frequently and which items you don’t use very often, then apply the rule above.


12. Arrange Like with Like

In the kitchen, put canned goods all together on one shelf, cereals on another. In your bathroom, put hairbrushes and combs all in one drawer, make up in another. You get the idea. This is a huge timesaver that will keep you from searching for that one thing.


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13. Think Vertically

Make good use of space that is generally overlooked. Shelves above doorways, hooks on the back of bedroom doors, cubbies on a shelf on top of your closet can make them into organized spaces, an adjustable shower curtain rod over the tub or inside the laundry room for drying delicates, look for room up above and you will be surprised at all that unused space.


14. Be an Optimist

Every super organized person is an optimist. Even when things go wrong or don’t go according to plan, they can make a joke about it and move forward with positive thoughts about next time. Even if things are only moving forward an inch instead of a yard, they will see it as a positive result. They don’t over focus on it, they don’t waste time dwelling on what went wrong, they go forward with a smile.




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