14 Things You Must Get Rid Of To Save Your Health

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7. Diet soda

Diet soda is another one of those products that was created in order to wean us off of drinking sugary sodas but ended up to be just as bad for your health. The artificial sweeteners are not healthy and people who consume diet sodas seem to drink quite a few each day. Switch to infused water you can create yourself by putting slices of fresh fruit in your water to give it a slight additional flavor.


8. Old running shoes

If you wear your running shoes every day in order to exercise, jog, or walk, make sure you get rid of them when they begin to look shabby. You will have probably broken down any reinforcements or sole support measures that were there when you first bought them. As they break down, your feet will just begin to ache so it is best to get rid of the old shoes so you can make room for brand new shoes that will make your feet feel great again.


9. Toothbrushes more than 3 months old

Toothbrushes should be tossed out and new ones replace them every 3 months. When toothbrushes get worn out, they will begin to lose their effectiveness in working on your gums, cleaning your teeth, and removing any particles that could result in cavities.


10. Mascara more than 2 months old

It is a fact that after 6 months to a year most makeup that you have purchased could be turning bad. Mascara only has a shelf life of around 2 months. Anything that could affect your eyes and eyesight should be handled with care. Make sure to pitch your old mascara and treat yourself to a new one every couple of months otherwise you could end up with itchy eyes and an infections.

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